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10 Best OSRS Minigames you must try in 2023

OSRS Minigames

Old School RuneScape offers its player base amazing activities, and it is hard to differentiate good ones from dull ones. Minigames task players to complete several objectives to progress through their stories and obtain end rewards. With this article, we will mention those we deem among the best, which include exciting activities and motivating players with fantastic prizes.

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10. Tears of Guthix

This minigame is excellent for players who want to boost hard-to-level skills. It is a weekly event that requires Firemaking of 49, level 20 Crafting, Mining of level 20, and 43 Quest Points to access. By collecting blue tears, players increase their score and, in the end, receive an XP boost. Up to 60 XP can be obtained for skills over level 30!

9. Pyramid Plunder

This limited-time event is perfect for boosting Thieving as players are presented with a series of rooms to loot. Players can obtain various items from these rooms, such as scrabs, combs, seals, and even a Pharaoh’s Sceptre, along with a significant amount of Thieving experience. All looted items can be traded for GP with Simon Templeton in front of the Jalsavrah pyramid.

8. Tithe Farm

This minigame revolves around planting, growing, and harvesting fruits to earn farming points. With points, players can buy the best farming equipment; Gricoller’s Can, Seed Box, Farmer’s Outfit, and Herb Sack. These items are excellent for those looking to train their Farming skills quickly. The Herb Sack and Seed Box can be used for leveling Slayer too!

7. TzHaar Fight Caves

TzHaar Fight Caves, in Karamja Volcano, is a notoriously challenging minigame featuring 63 waves of monsters, and Jad, the final boss of the minigame regarded as one of the hardest in OSRS. This minigame is famous for one reason only; for the Fire Cape, which offers insane offensive and defensive bonuses to the player.

6. Mage Arena

This one is a must for mage builds as players get to master the God Spells and obtain Magic Capes and Staffs. These items are among the best to boost Magic stats and God Scrolls. Players must traverse the Wilderness to reach the Mage Arena and defeat the boss, Kolodion. Once he is out of the picture, players can learn to use the God Spells.

5. Blast Furnace

The city of Keldagrim is the setting for the next minigame, Blast Furnace, where players get to smelt bars in Dwarven forges. As you can imagine, this minigame helps boost Smithing, especially when using Gold Gauntlets to smelt Gold Bars. Also, players can make good use of the forge to smelt high-tier ores such as Rune, Mithril, or Adaminte.

4. Barbarian Assault

For this minigame, players have to fend off 10 waves of Penance monsters to get to the Penance Queen boss fight. Throughout the minigame, players will receive Honour Points, used to trade with the Barbarians for some of the best combat items in OSRS or for gambling to obtain the pet, a miniature version of the Queen.

3. Barrows

This minigame is recognized as one of the most popular OSRS minigames, so it’s no surprise it takes the third spot. In Morytania, players are tasked to loot the crypts and end up fighting the Barrows brothers instead. This minigame provides a slew of items ranging from high-tier runes to the best mid-level combat gear. It is also perfect for farming GP!

2. Pest Control

Pest Control is the second-best OSRS minigame, as it awards players with insanely good Void Knight armor. It is very effective in combat as it boosts defensive stats without lowering attack bonuses. In Pest Control, players must defend the Guthix Void Knight by destroying portals teleporting monsters to his island. Commendation points are earned at the end of the game, and with them, players can get various items, combat experience, and the aforementioned Void Knight equipment.

1. Nightmare Zone

 At the number one spot, we have the Nightmare Zone minigame. This minigame is considered the best, as players can access their dreams and fight slain bosses again! In addition, each boss defeated grants Reward Points which can be traded with Dominic Onion. This is a highly regarded minigame as it is excellent for leveling, upgrading equipment, and imbuing rings, as well as the Slayer helmet for Slayer tasks with Herb Boxes.