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10 Best Selling Omega Watches Of All Time

Omega Watches

Omega is one of the best watchmaking luxury brands in the world, and every person who collects watches knows that. Since the brand has been in the watchmaking industry for almost a century, their watches give the best quality, and they will surely not put your money to waste. This luxury brand already received numerous awards, achievements, and recognition for its big name and integrity.

If you are clueless about what you should buy in luxurious Omega watches or you don’t know what Omega watches you should add to your watch collections, this page will help you. There are so many aesthetically beautiful watches the company produces, so we give you 10 Omega watches that are worth your money.

1. Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Omega Watches

The Speedmaster became simply known as the moon watch because Buzz Aldrin wore one on the first man Apollo mission in 1969. This model recreates an earlier version of the watch created for Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo missions. It has a stainless steel case that measures 42 mm in diameter. The Professional Moonwatch bracelet is stainless steel, but you can change the strap for leather. The black dial contrasts nicely with the white markings and hands.

2. Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean

Omega Watches

The Seamaster Planet Ocean is inarguably one of the best. Omega’s ocean heritage dates back to 2005. This watch with an Omega Seamaster rubber strap provides help for the diver because of its function.  With Master Chronometer certification, innovative design, and the most cutting-edge materials, the collection is now at the forefront of watchmaking excellence. Among the top watches in Omega, this creation gets one of the top spots for its quality and performance as a watch.

3. Seamaster Diver 300m

Omega Watches

The Seamaster Diver watch became popular because of James Bond. Yes, you read it right. Who doesn’t know Bond, James Bond? James Bond is one of the greatest action movie artists in Hollywood, and he is one of the reasons why this watch is one of the most popular Omega watches. In 1995, James Bond switched from Rolex to Omega, and in the 2006 film Casino Royale, he wore a Seamaster Diver.

4. De Ville Prestige

Omega Watches

If you are here for a watch that you can use on formal occasions, this watch is for you. The De Ville Prestige is popular among both men and women because of its luxury and attractive look, simple design, and reliable mechanical movement. This watch is best for daily use, especially when worn on special occasions. The De Ville Prestige is great for watch collectors searching for a dress watch that can be worn on both public and private occasions.

5. Constellation Globemaster

Omega Watches

In 1952, the brand marked the 100th anniversary of the brand’s beginnings in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The brand released the Constellation Globemaster, which is available for men and women and endured as one of Omega’s most popular and most recognized watches. It became popular as Cindy Crawford, a model, and an actress wore the Constellation for many years and served as a brand spokesperson.

6. Seamaster RailMaster Co-axial Master Chronometer 40mm

Omega Watches

Have you ever thought of being a scientist? Then, get this watch. This watch is very popular among scientists, and Omega’s brand intended to make this watch for them. Along with the original Speedmaster and Seamaster, the Railmaster series was initially its line of watches, accounting for one-third of Omega’s original 1957 Professional Collection. The “Teak Concept” dials on these watches make them instantly recognizable.

7. Seamaster Bullhead

Omega Watches

Do you find value in races? If the answer is yes then, Seamaster Bullhead is perfect for you. The distinctive shape, style, and dial layout of this watch, manufactured for racers in 1969, stunned people. The title “bullhead” comes from the fact that the main winding crown is at midnight/noon, and the chronograph pushers are on either side of it, and the two pushers resemble a horn.

8. Speedmaster Snoopy

Omega Watches

Yes, you read it right, Snoopy the comic character dog. Why was Snoopy involved in Omega watches? The lunar module of Apollo 11 was named Snoopy because it was likely to snoop around Apollo 11’s future landing site. The watch builds to skim across the moon’s surface. The brand got the Silver Snoopy Award in 1970 for the Speedmaster’s significant role in safely returning Apollo 13 to Earth. As a tribute to the mission’s length of 142 hours, 54 minutes, and 41 seconds, the original edition, the Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award, made its debut in 2003 in a limited edition for 5,441 pieces. The second was launched in 2015, after a twelve-year wait.

9. Speedmaster 105.003 “Ed White”

Omega Watches

If you wish for a historical watch, select the Speedmaster Ed White. Ed White or Edward Higgins White II is a NASA astronaut who is the inspiration of this watch. The watch emblem comes with a knowledgeable mark. This is often the watch that dysfunction White wore on a historic spacewalk throughout the Gemini IV mission. “Ed White” watch became one of the foremost sought-after vintage timepieces among serious watch collectors.

10. Seamaster PloProf

Omega Watches

This watch is for the divers. PloProf stands for Plongeur Professionnel. This watch can withstand extreme pressure under the deep ocean. The main role of this watch is to resist water up to 600 meters. This watch is not originally PLoProf, it was called Seamaster Professional 600 but for the divers, it has been PloProf. People love a water-resistant watch, so you will probably love this one.

In Conclusion

Omega already achieved great accomplishments in the watchmaking industry. These 10 best-selling watches of Omega, will give you an idea of what watch you should get for yourself or your collection. We guarantee you that this list will never let you down. In terms of quality, quantity and of course your money. Why not go for yourself and look at those watches at Watchshopping.com, where you can find various luxury brands, including Omega? This is the most convenient way to buy your favorite timepieces without the need to go out. Make sure to check out this site and take your pick from their catalog of wristwatches.