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18 Best Torrent Search Engines That You Can Try Out

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This is the time of digital entertainment and file-sharing is a really big part of it. So, Torrent Search engines have certainly gained a lot of popularity amongst people who want to download and watch their favorite content such as music, games, movies, and so much more. These amazing engines are the best places to search and find torrents across different websites. These tools help you simplify the process of file sharing and downloading while saving a lot of your time as well.

While torrenting or the use of torrent search engines tends to be legal, this is only the case with content that is not copyrighted. There are restrictions when it comes to downloading the content is has a copyright claim. So, users must understand how essential it is to respect and not violate the copyright standards of certain pieces of content. In this guide, we are going to explain in detail all the torrent search engine websites that one can use for the best results.

1. Torrentz

Torrent Search

We have all heard about the original Torrents site and the Torrentz website is a mirror site. This amazing search engine will allow users to get data from different search engines in the best way. Not to mention that there are 31 million users who are currently using this amazing website. So, it is definitely on the top of our list.

2. Snowfl

Do you want to have a reliable torrent search engine that provides a clean and comfortable interface? Well, Snowfl is the right choice for you. This search engine will provide you with the best torrents in a very uncomplicated manner, making it a popular choice for most users. The site is also accessible in most regions and remains unblocked.


Torrent Search

For people who want to have an ad-free search engine with a simple design, XTORX is the place to do so. The design is minimalistic and there are different search options available to find the best torrent sites such as Kickass and Pirate Bay as well. You will get magnet links that enable you to download the torrents very easily.

4. Veoble

A very amazing Torrent search engine that we want to include in our list is Veoble. This search engine has a dark-themed interface which is unique to the users. With this search engine, you will be able to make searches via images and that too in your language. So, this is a search engine that is rich in features and you need to try it at least once.

5. Torrends

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If you haven’t yet heard about Torrends then you need to go ahead and try it out right now. This search engine in the combination of Google Search and TorrentSeeker is worth a shot if you want to have a simple and reliable website that shows you the most popular torrents.

6. TorrentSeeker

The one thing we like about TorrentSeeker is that it is a very attractive-looking search engine. The design of the engine is also pretty user-friendly and hence it is quite popular amongst the audience as well. We have included it in the list because it has a wide collection of torrent sites that you would like to try.

7. iDope

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Who doesn’t love the platform of iDope, right? There are advanced search options and you can find results such as Exact Search, Multi-Search, Full Search, and so much more. If you want specific results related to your Torrent Search, this is the place you are going to find some. One thing that we don’t like is that this search engine is banned in certain countries.

8. GloTorrents

Talking about underrated torrent search engines, we have to mention GloTorrents. This is an amazing search engine that has a lot of TV show torrents that users would love to try. There are options to filter your searches according to your needs and requirements.

9. YTS

For all the people who love to watch movies and need some reliable torrent sites for that, YTS is the destination. There is a wide selection of different movies according to their categories and genres so that people can find exactly what they are looking for.

10. AIO Search

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With AIO Search, you will have an amazing user experience, and that too because it covers so many different torrent websites. You can include or exclude specific sites according to your search requirements. So, this site is something that you need to try out for sure.

11. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is an alternative site to Torrentz if you are not able to find what you are looking for in the other site. The interface is pretty similar to its alternative and there are magnet links provided for downloading the content easily.

12. Solid Torrents

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Go ahead and check out the Solid Torrents search engine and you will be impressed with the effective results and the simplistic design that it has. There is a prominent search engine on the homepage and you will find different torrent categories there as well.

13. TorrentDownload

TorrentDownload is a search engine that is mostly operational like a particular torrent website that you would find on the internet. There are verified torrents available on this website for users who want whatever they are looking for on the internet.

14. BTdigg

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Now this is a search engine that you are going to love because it is so user-friendly and easy to use. So, for those who are beginning with torrenting, this is the website to try for sure. There are different types of searches available on the site.

15. TorrentZeta

At Torrent Zeta, you can a comprehensive coverage of different torrent websites in the best way. This is an ad-free homepage and you have different search results displayed systematically. So, this is something you need to try for sure.

16. AcademicTorrents

This is a pretty legal torrent search engine that you need to see if you want some research papers, e-books, and any other academic content. The database is around 65TB and has all the amazing information that you are looking for.

17. TheTorrentz

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There are more than 68 million users who currently use this amazing search engine. The popularity of this engine is due to the amazing content that they have and the search options as well.

18. Torrent Project

In the case of Torrent Project, it is just like a torrent website since it allows the users to directly download the torrents that they are looking for. The user-friendly website is also pretty popular amongst the users.


Have a look at these amazing Torrent Search engines and see what you like the best. You will find a variety of options here so we are pretty sure this would help a lot.