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5 Benefits of Living in Massachusetts


If you’ve ever thought about living in the Northeast, you probably think about New York or Pennsylvania first. That’s certainly understandable, but you should give Massachusetts a thought when thinking about relocating to the region. There’s a lot of upside to the state in education, entertainment, and business.

Massachusetts auto insurance is decently affordable for a highly-populated state. There are some of the best professional sports teams in the country in the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics. The weather in the summer is very nice, and the snow in the winter allows you to enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding.

We’ll talk about all of these benefits and some of the business ones, too, like how Massachusetts is one of the leading technology and computer science areas in the world.

With colleges like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are endless career opportunities and possibilities for young people who have recently moved to Massachusetts.

#1 – Sports Are Amazing in Massachusetts

Sports are so much more than just games we participate in or watch others play. People often use sports as a bonding experience, and not many states have a richer tradition of teams than Massachusetts. Specifically, the city of Boston is home to some of the greatest champions in the world.

The NBA’s Boston Celtics have the most NBA championships in the league with 17. They have been the home of star players like Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and currently, Jayson Tatum, who just led the Celtics to the NBA Finals in June 2022.

The NFL’s New England Patriots have dominated the NFL since the early 2000s, winning six Super Bowl championships behind the leadership of quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick.

It’s a tradition to bring your children to these teams’ games, and many Bostonians would welcome new fans into their traditions. Sports are a great way to tie a city together and make everyone feel pride in where they live.

#2 – Education Is a Strong Point

Some of the strongest education in the world is in Massachusetts. Mathematics, science, engineering, computer technology, medicine, and more are all emphasized in Massachusetts through famous institutions like Harvard, Boston College, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While these colleges are very expensive to attend, people aspire to have the grades and the extracurricular activities on their resume to get accepted into these schools because getting a degree will open up many doors.

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Education in Massachusetts focuses on many of the most important aspects of the world we’re living in today. Technology and medicine are at the forefront of our minds, and researchers in the state want to break through barriers and make the world a better place for everyone.

#3 – There Are Many Job Opportunities

Whether you’re choosing a career your parents want for you, or you’re trying to expand your horizons and look for new opportunities, Massachusetts has plenty of employment potential. Residents can be confident they will find a great job on the other side of the degree they get from one of the state’s famous universities.

Massachusetts ranks very highly worldwide in healthcare and technology jobs. The colleges we talked about have a huge influence on the students in the state and what they decide to do with their careers. Many of the people who go to college in the state want jobs in medicine or science in some capacity.

This has a positive impact on the economy of the state, and it encourages people to move to Massachusetts for these jobs or stay in the state if they have lived there for a long time.

If you’re somebody who has an interest in these job opportunities, and you want to live somewhere with cheaper housing prices than states like California or New York, Massachusetts is as good a place as any to try your luck.

#4 – LGBTQ+ Rights

Massachusetts is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly states in the U.S. This makes the state a great place to raise a family if you care about teaching your children acceptance towards all types of people. All of the laws passed in the state as of late cater towards making life better for everyone no matter what your sexual orientation, gender, or race is.

Massachusetts was one of the first states to ban conversion therapy and allow same-sex marriage. When you move to Massachusetts, you know you’re living in an area with politicians who are forward-thinking and try to help as many people as possible with their policies. This is a very valuable thing in the rough and divided times we’re living in politically.

#5 – Insurance Is Affordable

Auto insurance is something everyone needs to buy to protect themselves from anything bad happening on the road. Massachusetts, fortunately, has some of the best, most affordable auto insurance of all states in the U.S. You can also do more things to keep your driving record clean and encourage insurance companies to reward you for your good driving.

Never drink and drive. As we’ve talked about, education is one of the most important aspects of life in Massachusetts. This means students can get stressed out and react by drinking, partying, and mingling at bars with friends. People who choose to do this need to focus on finding a designated driver so they avoid putting themselves and others at risk.

Getting proper sleep is also important when you’re putting your career or schooling first in your life. It can be exhausting having so many commitments, but getting the proper rest each night will make sure you’re more productive during the day and make better decisions when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

Teens need to focus on not texting and driving. This is one of the worst distractions on the road these days, and it will be more expensive to get auto insurance for your teen after an accident. Fortunately, there’s a lot of education on the topic.

There’s so much to love about Massachusetts. From the cultural significance of the Boston Celtics to the world-renowned education provided by colleges like Harvard and MIT, there are so many ways to further your professional aspirations in life while enjoying the entertainment in the region.

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Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. He wants to help people decide if moving to a state like Massachusetts is right for them.