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5 Disadvantages of the Sales Marketing Funnel Which You Should Be Aware Of

Sales Marketing Funnel

The sales marketing funnel is the ultimate roadmap for channelizing prospective consumers and converting them into true buyers. Though the sales marketing funnel is very useful in converting prospects to customers, it has some shortcomings also. Let us go through some of the disadvantages of the funnel which you should be aware of.

A Finite End

As the funnel ends at the bottom, the marketing strategies also have a finite end. The prospects are nurtured properly throughout the journey but the journey ends as soon as they have made a purchase. The customer retention or the loyalty phase is not very clear and it is assumed that the customer disappears once they have made the purchase.

  • You should focus on the after-sales service so that the journey does not end abruptly. salesmarketingfunnel.com will guide you properly for the after-sales service.

Too Linear

Email marketing may not help in taking decisions of buying. Though most people possess mail accounts, their buying decision will not depend on mail that has been sent to them after a bit of research. Instead of reading mail, people prefer scrolling through Facebook and selecting according to their interests. Your friends may have mentioned a brand on Instagram or Facebook and you may take decisions by following them. You will check out the products with detailed information on their official pages before taking any decisions.


The consumer moves in a singular direction within the sales funnel. Though there are various stages, they move in a single direction. When the customers come into contact with the brand, they will be going through a single journey. But the modern buyer’s behavior may not be that simple. For connecting with a brand, modern consumers may interact with social media, offline or digital marketing, and organic search. Thus with these varied options, it is impossible to run through a single direction.

  • You should try the multi-layered journey mapping of the customers.

Focus On Conversions

As the sales funnel pulls down the prospects and narrows them to buyers, they only focus on the conversions. Modern consumers do not prefer salespersons that only focus on selling the products. Instead of a specific product, modern consumers keep a scenario in mind while buying. So they will never want the products to be sold to them.

  • You should prioritize the quality experience and focus on the relationships with the customers.

Depends On Abundant Retention

As the strategy evolved in the 1990s, the salesperson could exercise power over the consumers. But this strategy will not function in this modern world.


The sales marketing funnel has certain shortcomings which have been discussed in the above article. If the strategies are evolved into the modern outlook and are changed according to the modern requirements, the marketing methods will be more effective for the business.