5 Mini-Games that are Likely to Appear in GTA VI

5 Mini-Games that are Likely to Appear in GTA VI

GTA VI is not out yet, but you might have heard many rumors about the game. Both print and digital media have spread various speculations due to which fans are confused about what they will get on the release day. They are in great love with every episode of the Grand Theft Auto series and one of the reasons for that is the exciting mini-games each episode is stuffed with.

And for sure there will be many mini-games in the upcoming GTA VI. Here, we will let you know about the 5 mini-games likely to appear in GTA VI.

1 – Skating

A bike firstly appeared in GTA SA and the players loved it. Riding it was a completely different experience from driving a car. And the fans wanted to see it in the next series. But GTA IV missed it and the bike made a big return in GTA V only. Now players want to go further and try something new. Skating! You see so many NPCs skating around the city but can not enjoy it by yourself. Rockstar should definitely fix it.

2 – Hunting

Hunting is one of the best ways to spend leisure time in RDR2. In some cases, it might be even more interesting than the game itself. So, it would be great to have it in the upcoming GTA episode. The series has everything for perfect hunting: thousand miles open world, wide plains, green forests, high mountains, various weapons, and dozens of animal species.

3 – Boxing

One of the most underestimated GTA mini-games was basketball featured in San Andreas. It was a bit boring to play, but yet made a perfect atmosphere. Are there any other sports that could suit the GTA world and provide exciting gameplay? Probably boxing. It might be in the form of traditional professional sports or as an underground boxing ring. Both are good for a GTA criminal motif.

4 – Poker

Poker was already featured in many Rockstar projects and the fans want to see it again. Three cards poker that we played in GTA Online is nice, but it’s a better idea to go for something serious and authentic like the one we saw in RDR2. That game was so real that a player could even bluff and cheat there and be shot down because of it. According to Casinomech experts, it was a variation of Texas Hold’Em and the fans would feel frustrated if not get it in GTA VI.

5 – Fishing

If Rockstar decides to place hunting in their game, why should they give a miss to fishing? It’s pretty similar. Players would enjoy traveling around the map looking for picturesque water basins to try fishing. Give them the possibility to buy different fishing equipment and get the best mini-game experience ever.

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