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5 Reasons Kids Struggle with Math and How We Can Help?

Reasons Kids Struggle with Math

When asked by students about their least favorite subject in school, most of them reply with “Math”. Even some parents get quite worried and wonder “why is my child so bad at Mathematics” and to be honest, it is not something to fret about. Math can be a tricky and complex subject for kids, and with some guidance and practice, they can overcome their problems. For example, if your child is in elementary school, and they are struggling with math, you can easily download year 4 maths worksheets online and help them learn better.

This article will explain 5 reasons kids struggle with math and how you can help them for better academic performance. Read on!

Reasons ‌Children Struggle with Math and How to Help Them

1. Lack of Practice

It’s essential for you to make your kids understand that merely understanding mathematical concepts and actually implementing them in questions is completely different.

As soon as they learn a new concept at school, you must ask them to practice a few questions at home which require them to implement relevant concepts. Even half an hour of practice every day will make their concepts stronger and better. Try sites like Revision Village that provide IB past papers to help your kids in their IB Math review and practice.

2. Lack of Interest 

Most children find math completely boring, which can prevent them from taking any interest in this subject. If you want your kids to show interest and improve their grades in math, you should use different fun modes of learning rather than using pencil and paper.

For example, you can provide your children with colorful worksheets to solve math problems or ask them to play math games online.

3. Struggle with Basic Concepts

Just like you need a solid foundation for buildings to keep them upright, the same is the case with Math. If your child’s basic mathematical concepts are not crystal clear, and they find it difficult to implement them in their studies, they will significantly struggle with this subject. For instance, they won’t be able to reduce fractions if they don’t understand division.

Therefore, you should identify their problem and start working on the basic concepts. You can even encourage learning in everyday life. Such as when you’re at the supermarket, you can ask them how 4 people at your home can share 1 piece of bread.

4. Math Anxiety

Many students at school develop math anxiety, which can go all the way into their adulthood. One of the main reasons for this is that when students find it hard to understand complex methodologies, they develop a fear of providing wrong answers to questions or even failing the exam.

To help your child overcome this, you should practice positive talk with them and motivate them. You can even sit with them while they are completing homework and guide them through questions.

Never answer any question rudely. Instead, encourage them when they ask a question and answer it in a positive manner. Tell them that they can do better with practice.

5. Method of Teaching

Every student has their own understanding level, and the same teaching methods can’t be applied to the entire class. Method of teaching can make it quite hard for students to get a grasp on the basics and certain concepts of mathematics.

Hence, you should talk to your child’s math teacher and ask them to adopt different teaching techniques that are easier to understand by students. If your child learns best with individual attention, you can even hire a tutor for your child to help them excel in this subject.