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6 Things to Know About Moscow Prioritization

Moscow Prioritization

Statistics show that it takes an average of 25 minutes to refocus after being interrupted by a task. Why is this important? Simply put, there are too many distractions in the average workday to get everything on the to-do list done. Prioritizing tasks is the way to attack this issue.

How do you decide which projects are more important? Should you base this list on deadlines or revenue? How can you be consistent in your prioritization effort? Keep reading to learn more about Moscow prioritization:

1. What is Moscow Prioritization

You are likely wondering – what is Moscow prioritization? The simplest way to define it is to outline the order of project significance.

First, comes the must factor. This is all of the absolutely essential information and components for the project. Without these things, the project will not exist.

Next, include the things that should be a part of the project. These should support the must items but if left behind, won’t end the development of the project.

The third component is the other things that could be added to the project. Having these things will be a value-add but not having them won’t negatively affect the value of the overall project.

The last component is the things that you determine the project doesn’t need in order to succeed. This could be everything from extra personnel to a specific strategy to carrying out the project.

2. Importance of Deadlines

Every project has a different approach to deadlines. Some have hard deadlines that will not change. Others have a rolling deadline that can adjust based on the progress of the project.

Defining what happens if you miss a deadline is extremely important. Part of the Moscow method is defining what is of the highest priority within the project. If the content of the project is more important than the timeliness of its completion, then the deadline is not as much of a priority.

3. Clear Communication

If nothing else, this method focuses on clear communication. Each area of the Moscow method is asking you to clearly share what is important and what is not as important.

Seamless communication makes life easier for everyone, especially when it comes to collaborative efforts between businesses, teams, and people.

4. Defining Requirements

Setting parameters for what your requirements will be can help your projects be consistent across the board for the future. Whether you outline specific requirements or have a minimum value that each component has to include, it is important to get the items in writing.

Everyone involved will appreciate defining “rules” to the acceptable content.

5. Useful

The Moscow prioritization approach is useful, especially when you have several people involved in a project. Each department or team will all have an opinion on where the project should go and this will answer the question for everyone moving forward.

6. The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits is the proper use of resources. Avoiding wasting time and money can allow your business to thrive in other areas with those new resources.

Organization of how to attack each project is something everyone will get used to and set a standard for moving forward.

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Get Started Today

Now that you have learned more about Moscow prioritization, you can use it as a prioritization technique for managing your next projects. Trying this could lead to the results that you have been searching for. Check out our website for more insightful articles like this one.