7 Best Google Games You Can Play For Free

7 Best Google Games You Can Play For Free

It’s easy to get bored watching movies, reading books, and playing those old-school video games that you downloaded from The Pirate Bay.

This is especially true in the pandemic era because we have enough time on our hands.

Thankfully, Google has you covered—and you don’t even need a Gaming Console or a high-end PC to play these games.

Old classics like Pac-Man and Tic-Tac-Toe, alongside Google Dinosaur Game, are among them. Hence, if you’re ever bored, these hidden Google games could be the answer.

Let’s look at the 7 best games that you can play on Google for free.

1: Dinosaur Game

If you’ve ever wondered why a dinosaur appears in Google Chrome anytime you lose connection while trying to visit a page; your curiosity meets its end.

The dinosaur game’s algorithm is pretty simple, similar to other endless runner games.

All you have to do is press the space key on your keyboard to start the game if you can’t connect to a page and see the static dinosaur.

It will start hopping soon. But, when the dinosaur encounters a barrier like a cactus, hit the space key to make the dino jump and go on.

2: Solitaire

The traditional Solitaire game is another one of Google’s hidden games.

This card game is likely recognizable to anybody who has ever been bored on a Windows PC. Put solitaire into any browser’s Google Search box and hit the Play button to play.

By pressing one of the choices, you may choose between easy and hard difficulty settings.

Once the game is up and running, it’s as simple as dragging and sorting the cards according to the rules. There are additional software versions of Solitaire available for you to test on Windows.

3: Pacman

We are sure this game does not need any introduction because everyone played Pacman when they were little.

So, why not play this game now?

You may play this simple yet entertaining classic right now in any browser.

All you have to do to play Pac-Man is type Pacman on your Google Chrome browser, and voila! The game will appear on your screen.

Simply hit the Play button, then move about using your keyboard arrow keys.

4: Flight Simulator

Every aviation enthusiast has Flight Simulator installed on their PC, but it’s a specialized experience for the majority of users.

You won’t require a copied file of MS Flight Simulator to climb in the cockpit and fly your plane—all you need is to install Google Earth Pro on your PC.

Press Ctrl + Alt + A on Googe Earth Pro Window, and the gaming window will pop on your screen.

You can choose your aircraft at the starting point, as well as use a joystick to operate the simulator.

5: Text Adventure

Many of the games on this list have been visual experiences, but if you’re looking for a text-based adventure, you should check out Google Search’s secret adventure game.

To utilize this, you’ll need to use the Google Chrome console, which is hidden.

To open the browser console, first search for text adventure in Google Search, then right-click the browser window and hit Ctrl+Shift+J.

To begin playing the game, type YES and hit enter on the console interface.

6: Give Clouds

Give Clouds a go if you’re seeking a hidden Google Android game.

If your smartphone has lost its internet connection, and you type this game on the Chrome browser’s search box, this game will surface.

You’ll see an animated symbol next to the No signal warning once you’ve done so. It will open the full-screen Clouds game for you if you press it.

Clouds is a Flappy Birds-style game, so start it off by tapping your touchscreen, then maintain the happy-looking cloud emblem in the air. You’ll have to avoid the birds while floating in the sky, so plan ahead once you see them.

7: Google Doodle

For many years, Google has changed its logo to reflect new art and entertainment to commemorate special occasions.

Originally, they were only photos, but as web technology has progressed, they have become completely interactive experiences.

Many of the previous Google Doodles were amusing little mini-games that may still be played in the Google Doodles archive.

Are You Ready To Have Fun?

Of course, you are.

What else do you need when you have so many hidden game options to play for free.

Now that you have understood what these games are and how you can access them, start playing them right away and let us know how you’ve liked them.

Your reply awaits!

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