8 Ways to Set Up the Thanksgiving Table on a Budget 2021

8 Ways to Set Up the Thanksgiving Table on a Budget 2021

Thanksgiving may return to normal this year thanks to the number of vaccinations that have already been administered. Despite what’s happening around, there are surely some things that we can still be thankful for. But just in case the celebration in your home this year will still be a bit small for safety as well as budget reasons, you can still turn it into a fun and memorable event. Aside from the table, decorating for the holiday is what makes it fun for the whole family. And to make things even more special, you can upgrade your Thanksgiving table decors with these ideas. Keep reading and take down some notes for your future reference.

1.  Try to Grow Your Table Centerpiece

No thanksgiving table decor will ever be complete without things like pumpkins. And everyone knows that if you go out and purchase pumpkins from a store, there can be chances that they could be a bit heavy on the pocket. An excellent suggestion here is, if you plan to have pumpkins for decoration in your home or table for Thanksgiving, then you should first start to consider growing a few. Also, being able to grow pumpkins isn’t that complicated. You don’t need a lot of room to do so.

That being said, being able to plant a few hills of pumpkins, could result in you having plenty of pumpkins to decorate with until Halloween rolls in. However, if you aren’t ready or cannot grow your pumpkin, that’s also okay. What you can do is go and look for a local pumpkin patch. Essentially they would usually be cheaper than purchasing from a chain store as well.

2.  Raise Your Bouquets

Another kind of decor you could grow by yourself is the flowers. Fall flowers are a very big deal for thanksgiving centerpieces. You could grow a few other gorgeous types of flowers in a greenhouse. And doing these will save you a lot of money instead of purchasing a whole bunch of fall flowers from some of the local shops.

But again, if you aren’t the kind of person that likes to grow things, then you could also choose to shop around for artificial fall flowers. Doing that will give you plenty of flowers to create ample centerpieces, but without all of the expenses involved.

3.  Try to set up the Table Outside

Something very relatable is the fact that most of us just cooped up inside our homes. Deciding on having this dinner out on your garden or porch is one of the best things you could do. If you are planning to do this outdoors but want to keep the gathering small, you could go and arrange potted mums and pumpkins around the table, then go and collect taper candles from around to get that homey and cozy lighting going on.

4.  Let the Food do all the Decorating

We’re not talking about using food as decoration, rather, cooking up and making good-looking food, therefore letting the dishes themselves beautify the table. There can be times that having actual decorations can be a bit tedious. But you shouldn’t stress yourself. You could be more creative. Cook up a sumptuous feast and let that become the very centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. A good plus here is that most of your budget will be assigned to the food.

5.  Set up the table at the Porch

If you happen to have a porch, then you could further save up on some of the decorating by using the breathtaking scenery and mixing that with the thanksgiving table set up.

You can set up a picnic-style Thanksgiving setting. And yes, the next logical step there is to hang up lights or lanterns. Save up some of your budgets and just use those Christmas lights you have stored. More mileage for the lights right? With that, you could use plenty of pillows and throw blankets to get that warm and cozy vibe outdoors.

6.  Going DIY

Like most of the items on this list, the whole idea for you to save up a bit more is to do things all by yourself. All you need to do is get inspiration. All over the net, there are a lot of resources you can check out. Like Pinterest. There, you will also be able to find ideas that are inexpensive but very creative.

Imagine reusing a clear case as a centerpiece. You could use colored beans and cord and layer them up to make some design of color and shades on it. Then place a candle at the center and tie up a string around it making a simple bow. And alas, now you have some level of decorations you’ve DIY’d.

7.  Buy Low then Modify

Decorations are made a certain way. But that shouldn’t have to be the case. If you do not have any resources to get creative and go the DIY route, you can choose to purchase decorations. Just as long as they’re the affordable ones. But that being said, you might think that cheap means are ugly or plain. Well, yes. But like what was mentioned, it doesn’t have to be.

An excellent budgeting strategy is for you to purchase decorations that are priced low, and re-work them when you get home, and start decorating for your Thanksgiving dinner. It would be like you’ve bought expensive decorations.

8.  Get the Kids to Help

Getting help for decorating is a good strategy here. However, hiring costs money. So, do what every fun family would do and let the kids help out in decorating.

With more hands moving and doing all the work, you will be able to finish up the decorating in no time.

But another advantage here is the fact that children have a vast imagination. So if you’re having trouble thinking of cool decorations for the table, you could ask for their help instead.

Get Crackin’!

So here are just a few of the very best ideas you could use to set up your thanksgiving table efficiently. And on a budget. While these would on paper look a bit tedious, nothing is more satisfying than sitting in the middle of all of it in the end once it’s all done and being thankful for all of the good things you have. As well as the good times, including the whole journey of decorating.

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