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Soccer Betting: Types of Bets by Tim Harrison for TechniciansNow

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Betting on soccer is one of the easiest to do when it comes to sports betting. In addition, it has become relatively straightforward as you can wager directly from your phone. We at TechniciansNow had an interview section with a betting expert from BetZillion to show us the best way to bet on soccer using your phone. You will also see the strategies and tips that will help to wager.

Soccer Betting Explained

Soccer is one of the biggest sports with various betting markets, giving punters different betting options. As a result, you are spoilt for options when it comes to betting on soccer games.

Today the best betting apps give you an opportunity to bet on soccer from your phone at your convenience. It is called a mobile betting option. Thus, you can place your iPhone bet if you use an iOS device. For Android device owners the opportunities are also favorable.

Let us discover the sports betting markets to wager in soccer.

Outright Betting

With outright betting, you can wager on who will win a tournament. This could be the World Cup, Euro, African Cup of Nations, AFC Cup, Concacaf Gold Cup, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. It could also be Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, CAF Champions League, Concacaf Champions League, and others.

There are several ways to wager on this betting market, and you can do it before or even after the competition starts. However, you can only find out about the outcome of your bet at the end of the tournament. So, you won’t know the result of the bets immediately. However, you can always find out the outcome of your bets before then, if the team you wager on crashes out of the competition.

Sports betting platforms sometimes place odds on the teams to make the next rounds. It could be the round-of-16, quarter-final, semi-final, or final. Different options are available.

1X2 Betting

The 1X2 betting market is also referred to as Moneyline betting, where you will wager on the winner of a game. Here, your focus is on one game, and you decide who will be the winner or whether the game will end in a draw. It is quite straightforward to wager on this betting market, and the rule is to wager on the favorites. However, it could sometimes not be so straightforward, that is why you need an excellent betting strategy.

Over/Under Betting

With the over/under betting market, you will wager on the number of goals that will be scored in a game. Here, you predict how many goals both teams score when added together. This could be another opportunity for you to wager, especially if you don’t know who wins a game because you are not concerned about the winner. Your concern is the number of goals scored in the game.

For this, you can wager on the over markets where you will predict that the number of goals scored will be greater than a certain number. However, wagering on the under markets means predicting that the number of goals will not exceed a certain number. So, the best bet when wagering on the over markets is to wager when a team that scores many goals is playing against another one that is porous in defense. In contrast, you should only wager on the under markets when two teams are disciplined in defensive play.

Both Teams to Score Market

Another betting market where you don’t have to worry about the winner of the game is the Both Team to Score market. All you have to do here is to wager on whether both teams will score in a game. So the best time to wager on this type of betting market is when the two teams playing are great at scoring goals. This is an excellent market for beginner bettors who want to get the best value for their bets.

Double Chance Market

The Double Chance Market allows you to wager on two outcomes in a game. So, instead of predicting only one outcome, you can choose two outcomes to be sure you can get something out of your bet. However, you will sacrifice the odds to get this done. You can wager on the home team to win or draw the game or on the away team to win or draw the game. This type of bet is specifically excellent when it is challenging to predict the winner of a game.

Draw no Bet Market

Betting on the Draw no Bet market means you are wagering on either the home side or the away side wins. Here, you will rule out the possibility of the game ending in a draw. As a result, you can only win when the side you wager on wins. So, if you bet on the home team to win, a draw or win for the away side will mean that you lose your bet.

These are the most popular betting markets. However, you can also wager on Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, Goal Scorer, Corners, Red Cards, Yellow Cards, and other betting markets.

Types of Bets to Wager in Soccer Explained for TechniciansNow

Generally, there are two types of bets in the betting markets: Single Bet and Multiple Bet.

Single Bet

You will bet on only one game per bet slip with a single bet. It means you can wager on a game using one of the betting markets available for the game.

Multiple Bet

With a multiple bet, you can wager on several games or several betting markets on one bet slip. There can be two, three, four, or more games on the bet slip. If you have two games on a bet slip, it is called a Double Bet, three games – a Treble Bet. An Accumulator Bet is a multiple bet when you have four and more games on your betting slip.

The good thing about multiple bets is that you can win more with them. For instance, you will get more returns when you wager on two games on a bet slip than on the two games on different bet slips. This is because, for multiple bets, the returns from the first games will be used as a stake for the next game. As a result, you can wager on as many games as possible to get the best value for your money.

Usually, betting websites allow you to wager on up to 50 games, giving you the chance to win as much as possible. However, the more games you pick, the more the chances of losing there are as well because it only takes one loss to lose the entire bet slip. So, it is crucial only to pick a few you are sure about.


Betting on soccer provides you with various betting market opportunities, and the most exciting point about it is being able to wager from your phone. If you use an iOS device, you can process your iPhone bets anywhere you go. Different betting markets are available, including the most popular ones like the Outright market, 1X2 market, and Over/Under market. You can also wager on Both Teams to Score market, Correct Score market, Draw no Bet market, Double Chance market, and other available ones. However, first, you must conduct your thorough research before wagering on any of them.

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