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Apps That Take Your Reels to the Next Level

Take Your Reels to the Next Level

Instagram reels are currently one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account. These short clips that loop can make you go viral in this internet age. Reels should be fun, entertaining, informative and should have the right audio to capture your audience’s attention. Therefore, you need apps to help you to create reels that stop users from scrolling past your content to increase your overall views. These apps have step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to create Instagram’s next trending reel. If you create quality reels and your views are still low, you can also buy video views on Instagram to improve your account’s overall reach and engagement.


This is a popular app for editing reels because it’s easy to use. It has beautiful free effects, filters, fonts, animations, speed, and music for your videos. You can create videos without a time limit so it’s ideal for 30 to 60-seconds reels. You can remove Capcut’s watermark at the end of your video. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to upgrade CapCut to remove their logo; it’s free.


This app allows you to create videos with animated pictures. Choose your preferred template collage and add your videos. You can add music from its library and your preferred text. Take advantage of their Lightroom filters to give your reels a professional touch. Lastly, it has copyright-free music.


Take Your Reels to the Next Level

InShot is a simple editing app that has basic editing tools like zoom, cut, copy, merge, speed, etc. It has an in-built library of music or you can add your preferred music. Its cool Picture-In-Picture feature (PIP)  allows you to create reaction videos. Lastly, you can watermark your videos for branding. Notably, the app also watermarks videos unless you upgrade your plan.


StoryArt has a variety of templates that make your reels look clean and crisp. These ready-made designs like Polaroid, Retro and Film effects are suitable for different content niches. However, you can create a maximum of 15-seconds reels only. It has the right 9:16 aspect ratio for Instagram reels. You can also style your screenshots and quotes.

Adobe Rush

This app has templates for reels easy-to-use templates. It exports videos in HD quality and is ideal for content creators in niches like travel and lifestyle who need sharp unaltered videos. You can add and edit different layers to your video before compiling your final reel.


This unique app allows you to share instant short videos that you can share with friends on Instagram. It doesn’t have sign-up prompts and it features thousands of effects with trendy music for your videos. Its free version has ads but you can remove them when you upgrade your account.


Take Your Reels to the Next Level

Mojo helps you to create professional reels. It has a wide range of editing functions like the ability to customize a text layer, stickers, and filters. It also has templates you can style to suit fit your desired effects. The app allows to save videos in any format and supports all aspect ratios for all social media platforms.


This app allows you to process a reel with music, text, and stickers. You can add music from your phone. Its inbuilt player lets you listen to any song before you add it to your video. Its library features excerpts from copyrighted music you can use to match and edit your video before adding it to Instagram’s reels.


Although it’s mostly known for creating minimalist stories, Unfold also helps you to create reels with its unique collection of templates and stickers. You can add a signature, stylized fonts, stickers, and emojis. You can use several picture slides to create reels or add a video.


This app creates beautiful pictures and videos like reels and stories. You can create beautiful collages with templates and add text too. The best part is you can remove a video’s background and use the result as a sticker. Add calligraphy, inscriptions, and drawings in png format.


Several apps help you to create the best videos for your social media platforms. However, you may have quality reels but their views are unexpectedly low but you can buy video views from several authentic sites.