Are All Casino Games Provably Fair?

Are All Casino Games Provably Fair?

Bitcoin betting enthusiasts have devised effective methods for verifying that games are fair. Since this is unique to Bitcoin, you don’t have to put your faith in a third party.

The games are completely transparent, thanks to the use of efficient cryptography. Additionally, a provably fair technique allows you to see how the game is playing out in real-time.

What Is Provably Fair?

The most recent innovation in internet betting is the concept of “provably fair.” However, many punters are unaware of it since it is new. So far, it has been chiefly employed in bitcoin or cryptographic casinos and other forms of online gaming.

Provably fair is an algorithm that evaluates and confirms the fairness of an online Bitcoin casino towards its players. With provably fair, players’ fears about online betting firms ripping them off are eased.  Provably fair is based on three factors:

  • Server seed: A random number generated by the server
  • Server seed: A random number generated by the server seed issued by the player’s browser can be changed by the player.
  • Cryptographic nonce: One of the most important aspects of cryptography is its nonce or random number generator.

For individuals unfamiliar with bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, the procedure might be a bit of a challenge. To begin, a random number is generated by the best Bitcoin casino. So, before placing a wager or participating in a game, the bettor will get a hashed version of the number.

Can Server Seeds Be Altered?

Operators can’t simply alter the server seed because of the hashing and randomization involved. The seed generated by the bettor’s browser is then randomly seeded. Therefore, before wagering or betting, players should calibrate the client seed.

The interaction between the two seeds determines the outcome of the bet. Depending on the webpage, the nonce number will begin at 0 or 1. Hence, to generate a random action in the game, the algorithm uses the seeds and the nonce.

Upon completion of the game, the client seed will be decrypted, and the game’s fairness will be verified. A verifier is available on-site for the convenience of the bettors. Additionally, unhashed seed values can be entered into the game to see if the result is the same.

Why Is Provably Fair Better?

The following are some of the benefits of playing at crypto casinos that use Provably fair software:

No Third-Party Authentication

Testing labs and other third-party authenticators have audited most online casinos. However, third-party authentication and auditing are reduced in provably fair games owing to the technologies utilized. The players of crypto casinos provide the maximum level of transparency with provable fairness.


The transparency that provably fair crypto casinos provide to their customers is their key selling point. Bettors can verify the fairness of a game by looking at historical outcomes, which is possible with provably fair BTC games.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is used to verify the fairness of online casinos and BTC games. Additionally, this new technology is applied in cryptocurrency and makes casinos responsible.

The blockchain ledger is another tool for increasing transparency. Furthermore, due to the self-executing algorithms of blockchain technology, nothing can be changed. In other words, it’s impossible to modify or reverse it in a way that benefits the operators.

Higher RTP Percentage

RTP % is critical to any player’s long-term success. The RTP (Return to Player) is a metric used to gauge a player’s chances of winning a particular game. Provably fair games have a victory percentage of 99.5% instead of 99.55% or less.

Problems Provably Fair Can’t Solve

If you want to make sure that game results are random and haven’t been manipulated, you can probably use fair betting. However, there are some problems that it doesn’t solve.

Bad Odds

Provably fair betting makes sure that the outcome of a game isn’t fixed or changed. This means that the algorithm isn’t fixed or changed. However, it does not influence the game’s math.

Withdrawal Restriction

This is another method a Bitcoin casino might take advantage of you. Even though you may

be able to withdraw your winnings, the casino may make it difficult or impose unreasonable costs on you to do so.

Reliable evaluations are the only method to determine if a bitcoin casino is fair for withdrawals. Fees for withdrawing money from an account are covered if they are applicable.

Are Provably Fair Games Always Legit?

There is no telling if provably fair games are always legit. However, true and legitimate casinos and games can be trusted to be fair. This means you can safely wager with Bitcoin when you play these BTC games.

There are still sites that provide rigged, provably fair BTC games; thus, the answer is no. To understand the Provably fair system, one must be an extraordinarily informed and dedicated individual. They can still alter minor elements so that the average player is unaware of them.

Can You Hack Provably Fair Casino Games?

However safe and secure, provably fair BTC games are, they are still vulnerable to human interference and hacking. In addition, bettors can influence games on paper since casinos make their game’s algorithm public.

More knowledgeable individuals will eventually be able to implement this notion in the near future. However, hacking is the least of the player’s concerns at this point. Players should be aware of crypto casinos run by unscrupulous individuals.

Hacking is feasible, even if it will affect the operators’ business and be difficult owing to blockchain technology. People’s capacity to tinker with technology grows along with it. If the site has security issues that aren’t readily apparent, even a provably fair method can be hacked.


Before registering, there is no harm in checking out the bitcoin casino’s website first. Once you’ve learned about proven fairness, you’ll be able to decide which bitcoin casino is ideal for you. While provably fair casinos are safe, it’s still a good idea to be careful with any online transactions.

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