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Beginners guide to make WordPress post socially shareable

Beginners guide to make WordPress post socially shareable

For a new blogger or content writer WordPress is an effective tool to publicize the content. There are several plugins available in WordPress that make it a user-friendly platform to post the content. But, has anyone thought of making these posts shareable for social media platforms? It is possible, and it can be done in a significantly more straightforward manner. Users who do not know how to enable social share on WordPress blog posts must read this post carefully. Here, we mentioned a step-by-step beginners’ guide to accomplish the task of making posts shareable. Learn more about how to include social media share buttons in the WordPress post. Read on.

Making WordPress posts shareable on social media platforms

The first step is the installation

Purchase the social share buttons for the licensed version of the WordPress, install them on the WordPress site by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to the admin panel of the WordPress
  2. From the Plugins menu, click Add New option.
  3. Then choose the Upload Plugin button from the Add Plugins page, which appears at the left corner.
  4. Browse the computer’s drive by clicking Choose file option and then selecting the relevant plugin’s zip file.
  5. After completing the installation process, navigate to the Plugins option and click on the Installed Plugin for the plugin’s activation.

Adding buttons for social sharing on WordPress site blogs

Once the plugins are activated, users are all set to make the posts shareable by adding social media buttons. For a better understanding of users, we cited the example of a customized social share bar. So, within minutes if users want to get social share buttons, here is the solution. Just click the Quick setup wizard button from the settings panel and give a personalized touch of social sharing of all posts.

  1. Firstly, pick the relevant template where you want to utilize social sharing buttons. Once done, click next to proceed further.
  2. Secondly, choose the button style that users want in the social sharing bar. Also, users can select options like Button style, Alignment, Spacing, Width to get a customized appearance for the same screen.
  3. Once the above step is completed, choose the social media platforms to showcase your posts. Drag and drop the options of preferred social media platforms and select your relevant ones.
  4. Anyone who wants the running counter option for social media sharing buttons must toggle the Display counter option by choosing the Yes.
  5. Select all types of posts from the menu you want to have social sharing features.
  6. Position the social share buttons. Users get different options like only bottom, bottom, top, top, and others. They can position the social share button according to the requirement.
  7. If aa user wants to drive traffic from the mobile’s end, they can fine-tune the mobile’s plugin setting and customize the display appearance for their users.
  8. Finally, from the Final setting menu, tick options and your social media buttons are ready to visible on sites.

Why do users add social media buttons?

Today, everyone wants to promote their brand in the digital space. Hence, tech-savvy users always utilize cutting-edge solutions like WordPress to promote their content on social media. Thereby, it also increases the digital mouth publicity that enhances the content’s ranking on SERPs. However, users must have to register and take the licensed version of WordPress, and if there are multiple users, they must manage them as well. For those who do not have knowledge about it, must refer to how to add user registration form to WordPress website? All in all, adding social media buttons to posts generate organic traffic and ROI for users.