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Best Alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch in 2021

Samsung Smart Switch

Finding a Samsung Smart Switch alternative has become increasingly demanding for many people. It is quite annoying when Smart Smart Switch does not work with your device, misses data during transfer, or fails to detect your device. Don’t worry if you are suffering from these awkward situations. This post will guide you through the difficult moments with the nine superb alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch.

#1 Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the best Samsung Smart Switch alternative. It allows you to transfer everything from an Android device to Samsung and vise versa, which is much more advanced than Samsung Smart Switch. It also supports Android to iOS, iOS to Android, and iOS to iOS data transfer.

Key features:

* One-click to transfer contacts, call logs, photos, music, SMS, videos, apps, and eBooks between Samsung devices or Samsung and other Android devices.

* Migrate contacts and other files from iOS to iOS, iOS to Android, and Android to iOS.

* Widely compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices (Android 4 to Android 11 and iOS 5 to iOS 14 or newer).


* Easy to operate.

* Reliable and secure to use with privacy encryption.

* Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

* Work with a wide range of Android and iOS devices.

* Support multiple file types, including contacts, messages, music, videos, images, calendars, documents, etc.


* Cannot sync device settings, passwords, etc., between two devices.

#2 Jihosoft Phone Transfer

Not satisfied with just transferring data, but also want to manage your phone data? Jihosoft Phone Transfer is a nice choice for you. With this Samsung Smart Switch alternative, you can move text messages, music, contacts, calendars, etc., between Android and iOS devices. Also, it allows you to sync files from iTunes to your phone and back up & restore your Android data on the computer.

Key features:

* Phone to Phone mode: Move contacts, call logs, text messages, music, calendars, videos, photos, and apps between Android and iOS devices.

* iTunes to Phone mode: Transfer data from the iTunes backup to your Android or iOS devices.

* Work with older phone models, like Samsung Galaxy S8(+)/S7 (Edge)/S6 (Edge)/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 7/5/4, etc.


* Easy to use.

* High speed of transferring.


* Outdated UI.

* Delayed after-sale support.

* Not cost-effective.

#3 CLONEit

CLONEit is a phone-end alternative to Samsung Smart Switch that transfers different files from one phone to another. You can transfer up to 12 types of data without a cable or network using this app.

Key features:

* Migrate contacts, call logs, app data, calendars, system settings, SMS, MMS, etc., from one phone to another.

* Apart from Samsung, it also works with the mainstream Android brands, such as HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

* Uninstall pre-installed apps, free up space, etc.


* Offline data transfer.

* Faster transfer speed than Bluetooth.

* Wireless transfer available.


* Not support some file types, like WhatsApp data, clock, wallpapers, etc.

* Has compatible issues with iOS devices.

#4 SyncDroid

If you wish to transfer messages, apps, photos, and other files from an iOS device to a Samsung Galaxy, you can consider SyncDroid. Within a few simple steps, you can move multiple files from iOS to Samsung for free. Besides, this free alternative to Samsung Smart Switch also makes it easier for you to get multiple wallpapers, videos, and ringtones and send files from your smartphone to a PC.

Key features:

* Transfer photos, call logs, eBooks, videos, messages, music, apps, and other data between iOS and Samsung phones.

* Edit, back up, restore, manage, and view iOS and Android data on a computer.

* Sync iDevice and Android data to a computer without data loss.


* Easy and simple to use.

* Free.

* Widely compatible with iOS 14 and Android 11.


* Problems occur during installation occasionally.

* Not work with Mac and Windows Explorer on a Windows PC.

* Only support the pre-installed browser on Android devices.

#5 Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is a powerful alternative to Samsung Smart Switch that supports one-click phone-to-phone transfer. Although it is not a free Samsung Smart Switch alternative, it is worthwhile. It does not require the target phone to be a Samsung and provides a cross-platform data transfer among Android, iOS, and Symbian devices.

Key features:

* Transfer SMS, apps, contacts, photos, videos, call logs, etc., among iPhone, Android, and Symbian devices, not just Samsung devices.

* Back up your device to the PC and restore the backups to your phone in one click.

* Work with Android 5 to Android 10 and iOS 9 to iOS 14.


* Extremely fast to transfer.

* Cross-platform data transfer is available.


* Not support devices running Android 11.

* Not available on older Android and iOS models.

* Paid program.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! Now you get familiar with the five different Samsung Smart Switch alternatives about their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Guess you have your own decision in your mind as to which one to choose.