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Best Cleaning Business Software That Aim To Grow in 2021

Best Cleaning Business Software

Take your cleaning company to the next level by identifying and overcoming common business problems. You have always wanted to be your own boss, and now that you are, you wonder why owning and managing a cleaning company and business is so difficult?

Running a small business in the field of professional cleaning is very different from working in a large company. Small companies do not have significant capital and, therefore, have limited time to develop. In this article, we have selected six common mistakes a fledgling apartment cleaning company makes and present you with advice on how to overcome them.

The list of possibilities may vary depending on the configuration of the developed software.

As in any system of statistical accounting of a cleaning program, the most important thing for the manager is that the work is completed on time, of high quality, and brings maximum profit, as well as the availability of additional opportunities or cleaning business software. This is control of the client base (CRM system), and accounting of financial receipts, and checking of warehouse balances in the cleaning system, and the ability to control the performance of staff work, and much more.

The cleaning program includes an indispensable composition of the necessary control, accounting, statistics, and reporting functions;

  • For example, the accounting system for dry cleaning cases, according to the characteristics set by your personnel, will be able to find a quick search for the desired client, see his payments, spent funds, make a mass mailing to inform the client, according to the specified search parameters.
  • The cleaning system program keeps track of the necessary inventory and the necessary chemical agents.

How to attract your first customers

It’s time to eliminate unnecessary waste of time and money and clean up your company’s production processes with top-notch cleaning software. If you want to eliminate double data entry and make quality control crystal clear, you need a cleanup management software solution that delivers.

Field Complete offers all the cleaning tools you need for your cleaning business. With this innovative software, you get an easy assessment process, the ability to manage both billing and charging in the field, submit reports to the office with unlimited photos, comments, and messages, and easy quality control and workflow synchronization between offices and the field.

What is happening in the industry now and what are the prospects for the future?

In Russia, the cleaning industry has also been affected by a coronavirus. Due to the closure of offices, catering and shopping centers, companies have lost about 70% of orders. Market operators, of course, we’re not ready for such changes and were forced to urgently rebuild. But now they have a chance to restore their position and even increase their income. Rosepidnadzor has set tough conditions for the opening of enterprises and the need for cleaning is growing.

The requirements for cleaning in housing and communal services have also become more stringent. However, market participants look to the future with restrained optimism. On May 1, the professional magazine CleanNow conducted a survey of market operators in order to find out what percentage of customers they lost in a month. 35 large and medium-sized companies took part in the survey. Of these, 10% answered that they lost almost everything, and 5% lost 80% of orders. But the rest survived. The reason is the high degree of differentiation of services. Losses occurred in the commercial sector, but orders remained in the residential sector.