Ever wondered which could be the free media player that you most enjoy using?

We have listed the best free media player apps to consider on Windows!

Come, let us have a check on 8 best Media Players for Windows:

1. VLC Media Player:

VLC is an open-source multimedia player which can improve and enhance your desired output. It is almost better than every media player out there in the market. Another good thing is that it is available free of cost.

The VLC media player is capable of rendering most video content. Even some damaged or incomplete or even unfinished files can be played very easily over it.

That’s quite good if you have recovered some important video content after accidental delete. Because most recovery software recovers videos in a broken manner.

So, in a nutshell, this is VLC for you:

  • It has support for most of the media codecs without installing any plugins.
  • You can customize its appearance with VLC Skin Editor.
  • VLC has support for most of the platforms including, mac OS and Linux.
  • Hardware acceleration comes into action whenever required.
  • You can use any media or floppy discs, external devices, webcams stored videos.
  • A good thing is you can stream from different websites directly at the VLC interface.

2. Kodi:

Kodi is free, being an open-source software that can play any type of video and audio content. The thought of being initially acquired by Microsoft didn’t become successful though it comes under XBMC now, Kodi developers went on furnishing it on their own. One of the main benefits of Kodi is that it is available for all OS types like windows, OSX, IOS, Linux, and Android. One of the best platforms to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music and share photos.

The result came out as sustainable growth and a wide community of software.

So, in a nutshell, this is Kodi for you:

  • This is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation.
  • It is continuously modified and fixed bugs by hundreds of Kodi coders community and proves every next update some major and futuristic change.
  • Smoothly works on the device of your choice, let it be a smartphone or Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • A variety of plugins and add-ons are available to download internally which is quite helpful sometimes. Some media and audio codecs are specific and can run through only particular extensions.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

3. Pot Player:

PotPlayer is another impressive media player app that would probably substitute its place as king of the free media players if VLC did not have such a robust brand identity. In this player, you can enjoy 3D views with immersive views experience.

VLC and PotPlayer share so many things in common, notably that they both function as easy all-in-one media players for users who just want an out-of-the-box solution. PotPlayer always works best when handling larger files or cutting-edge video formats.

So, in a nutshell, this is PotPlayer for you:

  • It has a detailed and user-friendly interface that helps in quick navigation.
  • Most media codecs are supported out of the box, you need not install additional plugins for general videos that you play.
  • A file from sources such as an external disc or even a set-top box recording can easily be rendered through Pot Player.
  • It supports video streaming directly into the interface from some valuable sites like YouTube or Daily Motion.
  • Blu-Ray formats up to 1080p resolutions work smoothly into it.
  • One drawback is that it is only available for Windows.

4. Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic is one of the largest open-source alternatives to VLC. If you are not very fond of VLC or Pot, this Microsoft inbuilt media Player is for you.

Home Cinema is a more sensible choice for everyday users, getting to remain as lightweight as possible while supporting the newest standards and video formats.

The Black edition of Media player that can be downloaded too as an open-source application is super-powered with support to most of the media codecs. It is improvements, and enhancements, but with a little uneasy interface.

So, in a nutshell, this is Media Player Classic for you:

    • There is an easy-to-use and easy navigational interface.
    • Most of the media codecs are supported on the first installation.
    • It is a great software to play external files such as files from a Camera, or a DVD.
    • It is extremely lightweight and hence, suggests great performance on old machines.


  • Features like integration with skype make it a unique software.
  • Since it is an inbuilt player of Windows if we leave the black version, it is limited to Windows only.

So, which free media player did you find the best? Which one do you think you can use to enjoy movies and other media content? Don’t forget to share your views!

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