Best Proxy Servers for Web Scraping

Best Proxy Servers for Web Scraping

The global data market has been valued at more than $36 billion in the last year. You will need an enormous number of IP addresses to get access to this huge data and scrape the web to gather everything in the shortest possible time while not leaking your identity.

This is only possible with the best proxy service, which offers a large pool or residential proxies for safe and efficient web scraping. Proxyway is one of them to have your back whenever you need it. Check it out to get trustworthy proxy servers worldwide.

How to Use a Proxy Server for Web Scraping?

Best Proxy Servers for Web Scraping

According to research, more than 26% of users across the globe have used Virtual Private Networks or proxy servers for accessing the web in the last year. Using a VPN or data center proxy network is fine until you need to scrape a huge load of information from public sources.

Websites usually have roadblocks to prevent people from misusing the information. This is why mass requests from certain IP addresses could get banned quickly.

Datacenter proxies are usually on the top suspect list of websites. So, you might not get access to the actual data you are looking for. But residential proxies are actually real IP addresses of other people. They allow the IP address of their mobile and desktop devices to be used by other people.

When you use residential proxies, your requests are routed through those IP addresses, and almost all websites have a hard time detecting them as proxies. So, you can easily avoid those roadblocks set up by websites.

Studies have shown that the profit you get from web scraping operations can increase by more than 300% due to the higher quality and faster data acquisition.

Though free proxies or VPNs can be a quick solution, you should never use them for full-scale web scraping.

Advantages of Using Proxy Servers for Web Scraping

Using residential proxies can make you great profit with a sustainable web scraping operation. Especially if you run a business, getting accurate data about the industry will help you make a better decision, hence more profit. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using the best proxy service.

High Volume Data Scraping

Data scraping software is commonly used to scrape a huge volume of data from target websites. The routine behavior of this software might get suspicious in the eye of the target websites.

These behaviors can include making requests at a certain time of the day or making multiple requests from the same IP addresses over and over again. You can overcome this hurdle with residential proxies.

Access Location-Specific Content

Suppose you are crawling through your competitors’ websites from different locations every time using data center proxies or VPNs. In that case, it will look suspicious, and your activity might get banned.

As some content is location-specific, you will need residential proxies of that location to make yourself a legitimate visitor of those websites. Residential proxies are highly effective in accessing location-specific content as these networks are at least 2,000% larger than data center proxy networks.

Higher Scraping Rate

Most websites set a crawl rate to prevent scrapers from bombarding the website with a huge number of requests. If you use residential proxies, it will look like multiple users are making requests from different locations. So, even if the crawl rate is limited, you will be able to gather data at a higher rate than using data center proxies.

Avoiding Bans

If you repeatedly make many requests from the same IP addresses, it will lead to banning the IP addresses permanently. Datacenter proxies or VPNs are often blocked in bulk to prevent web scrapers.

To prevent this, using residential proxies is the only feasible solution. These proxies are hard to detect, hence more secure to use than data center proxies.

Maintaining Anonymity

Free proxies or VPNs might not ensure your security or hide your identity while you browse the web for gathering data. But residential proxies will add to your safety and mask your IP address every time with the best possible proxies.

As a result, you can traverse through the web and gather information without getting exposed. This is extremely beneficial in web scraping.


Now that you know the importance of the best proxy service for web scraping, you should check the list of proxy servers on the Proxyway website. Go to the link mentioned above to get an in-depth idea of how these proxy servers work and what they have to offer.

Only then can you select the best proxy server to scale your web scraping business. To have a sustainable identity in this business, you need to hide your identity with a good proxy server.

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