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Business News: Top Reasons to Become a CPA


Consider a CPA qualification while searching for the finest jobs with a business or finance degree.

Here’s why: According to trends, the next workforce appreciates security and a future-proof job, the chance to constantly learn and improve, and the opportunity to make a difference through mission-driven employment. All the criteria in this list are met by a career as a CPA.

What is a CPA?

A specialist in finance and reporting, a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) is a highly certified and regulated professional. They give strategic advice for an organization’s growth and compliance and are helpful to firms in all sectors.

Depending on the precise professional path, sector, and organization a CPA chooses, there are differences in the day-to-day tasks they must perform. Here are the top justifications for deciding to become a CPA. If you’re interested to become a CPA, investing in Surgent CPA for assistance is a wise decision and highly recommended.


The adaptability and adaptability of the distinction are among the advantages of earning a CPA qualification. CPAs have a wide range of employment options, may specialize in particular areas, and are known across the world, which creates a wealth of prospects.

CPAs can work in a variety of fields, including education, forensic accounting, sports accounting, entrepreneurship, tax accounting, controlling, and accounting for the environment.

Goal-Oriented Work

A CPA credential provides openings for meaningful and purpose-driven employment that suits your interests, whether you’re interested in tackling climate change, working with nonprofits, expediting access to healthcare, or looking into financial crime.

As the Associate Director, of Climate Solutions at Persefoni, Katie Blum, CPA, CA, a 2021 Emerging Leader Award recipient, has made sustainability and ESG her full-time career. Katie guides organizations on their travels toward climate reporting and aids them in understanding their reporting while also evaluating their operations.

CPAs employ their skills to launch their own businesses. One of the co-founders of The Gist, a media firm with a goal to upend the current status quo of the sports industry, is Roslyn McLarty, CPA, CA. They cover women’s sports more extensively than the traditional media and provide viewpoints on problems like wage inequality and workplace sexism.

Job Security

Regardless of the industry, CPAs will always be in demand and necessary for companies, making it a somewhat safe and stable career path.

Whether accounting is a developing field is a prevalent issue when thinking about career security. Or will technology and autonomous robots eventually take the place of accountants? Certain facets of the job will probably get simpler as technology develops, for instance, by increasing productivity and lowering data input mistakes. It’s more probable that jobs will change and technology will supplement the CPA skill set, though, given the strategic set of talents required for CPA career routes.

Growth Potential and Professional Advancement

Did you know that every three years, CPAs must complete 120 hours of professional development? As a result, CPAs are always upgrading their abilities and are always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to developments in the field. As a result, CPAs can advance within their businesses and boost their earning potential.


The typical yearly pay for a CPA is $130,000. CPA salaries vary based on where you reside, your amount of experience, your sector, and your level of seniority. Working toward a CPA can pay dividends in the long run because CPAs often earn 10-15% more than their non-CPA peers do each year.


They are in the client service industry as CPAs. Whether the customer is a small family or a big business, we make every effort to offer knowledge so that they can thrive within the regulated parameters set by the accounting profession. CPAs are regarded as leaders and role models for other professionals in that position, and with good reason. A person’s ethics, integrity, and judgment are rigorously evaluated in order to obtain the designation of CPA. CPAs must behave impartially, and inclusively, with consideration for everyone, and respect diversity. The current world is an exciting place to be in, and CPAs are the perfect example of how business should be done.

Professional Independence

A CPA license offers a significant deal of career-long professional flexibility. CPAs are qualified to start their own firms, work as independent consultants, and provide professional services to customers. CPAs have the freedom to select how and where they work thanks to the many talents they possess and the variety of options that are open to them.

Making an Impact

The way the financial industry runs depends on CPAs serving as regulators and assurance providers that businesses are conducting themselves honestly and morally. CPAs serve as the foundation for regulated competition and fostering confidence in the economy. They have a duty to lead and solve problems as examples for our neighborhood. This idea gives rise to a profession and vocation that go well beyond earning a living.