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Countries where you can gamble with cryptocurrency

gamble with cryptocurrency

As the popularity of crypto continues to rise across the world, more gaming platforms are realizing the potential of this new form of currency. Transactions using cryptocurrencies are fast, which appeals to many bettors.

crypto casinos are gaining popularity for a number of reasons, including security, anonymity, prompt transactions, and more.

Most crypto gambling sites offer a variety of games, a secure and safe live casino, plus quick and efficient customer support.

Many credible online casinos and sportsbooks have adopted crypto, due to its suitability for the iGaming sector. There are two types of cryptocurrency gambling, off-chain, and smart contracts.

Off-chain cryptocurrency gambling entails visiting real-world and virtual casinos that accept cryptocurrency deposits – most commonly Bitcoin – into their accounts.

Basically, smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain designed to run when certain conditions have been met. They are suitable for gambling because they ensure that all parties are immediately certain of a game’s outcome, with no need for a referee.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies are on the rise in numerous nations throughout the world. Virtual currency is now accepted in many online stores and even by some real-world retailers.

Naturally, different nations have varied stances on cryptocurrency gambling. This article will examine the different legal statuses of crypto in various parts of the world.

Are crypto casinos legal?

It is difficult to stay up to date with the law in many international jurisdictions. This is due to the continuously changing nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. Operators wanting to start crypto casinos often find negotiating ambiguous decisions of different authorities too challenging.

Nevertheless, these authorities’ attitudes to crypto are changing all the time, with more national governments warming to the idea. This means they are taking a fresh look at the regulation of crypto and blockchain-based services.

Furthermore, some international gambling regulators already give licenses to crypto casinos.

Finally, beware! Despite its limbo status as legal tender, states which have strong anti-gambling laws can still take action against crypto casinos and gamers alike. Let’s take a look around the world:


Bitcoin is legal tender in the US, meaning that ownership of and transactions with any form of cryptocurrency are also legal. It is only illegal to use a currency that can get you into trouble, such as tax evasion.

Due to this, there is vast potential for crypto casinos across the nation. However, this is where it gets complicated. The federal nature of the USA means that there is no single answer to whether these gambling sites are legal. Gambling laws and restrictions vary greatly from state to state.

Only a few of the 50 states in the USA have unrestricted internet gambling. They are Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Nevertheless, this means they can be exclusive. Casinos in these states have to use IP trackers to ensure out-of-state gamblers can’t register on their platform.

Other states have wildly differing regulations, so research is needed before registering with any casinos. Finally, remember that Washington State forbids all gambling.


Today, it is fairly common for Canadians to gamble online using cryptocurrency. The fact that there is no person or organization to monitor your payments makes crypto gambling highly popular in Canada. Simply remember that the Canadian government does not consider cryptocurrency legal tender. This means that while cryptocurrency gambling is not illegal, it’s not subject to legal oversight either.


Land-based casinos are legal only in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. The others exclusively take online gamblers. The legality of online gambling is murky in the subcontinent. It’s merely a lucrative business, neither illegal nor legal.

A proposal made by The Union Bugden 2022/23 was to classify cryptocurrency as Virtual Digital Assets (VDAs). This implies that a fixed rate of 30% in taxes must be paid by everyone who owns cryptocurrency. The income received after selling cryptocurrency or NFTs is subject to this tax.

United Kingdom

Again, UK casinos or betting sites face the tricky situation of crypto’s semi-legal status. Any platforms that wish to take what the UK Gambling Commission calls crypto-assets need approval from this government regulator first. This can lead to delays while anti-money laundering checks take place.

Crypto casinos that operate in Britain are actually licensed by other jurisdictions such as Curacao or Malta, rather than the UK. This means players should check their legal status carefully, to avoid black market operators.

Britain’s Gambling Act dates back to 2005 and is under review, so hopefully, the gray area that is crypto casinos in the UK will be cleared up soon.


Numerous online casinos allow clients to make transactions using cryptocurrencies. The majority of land-based gaming establishments don’t have the large variety of products that these gambling and betting sites have. You can wager using cryptocurrency on various games, including blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and live casino games.

New Zealand

Another nation that accepts bitcoin is New Zealand. Numerous cryptocurrency casinos accept NZD cash payments. This fact alone demonstrates that Kiwi players have their places at reputable Bitcoin betting sites, such as the New Zealand-based Crypto Wildtornado Casino. Furthermore, they have access to a large selection of Bitcoin games. All the key advantages, including privacy, user data confidentiality, and transparency, derive from the sophisticated blockchain technology used in the creation of Bitcoin.

Top Bitcoin casinos prioritize these aspects in their operations, including the Crypto Wildtornado Casino New Zealand website. One of the primary foundational elements of a respectable Bitcoin casino website in NZ and around the world should be the safeguarding of user-sensitive information.

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