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Final Fantasy XIV: A Quick Guide to Endwalker’s Dark Inside Boss


It has been days since the Endwalker expansion has been released, and fans are enjoying it. Here are some tips on how to clear the Trial Bosses in the new expansion.

Fans of the popular and long-running MMORPG are making the most out of the newest expansion. FFXIV has seen its player base double in the past few days because of the update. This just shows how successful the expansion has been for the devs. With new content and classes, players just can’t get enough of the game. One of the most popular activities as of the moment is the trail boss raids.

Endwalker has introduced three new trial bosses for players to face and enjoy. Raiders can now earn more FFXIV Gil and gear after they have defeated these raid bosses. Some may find it difficult to complete a run on these trials, but there are some tips that players can use to their advantage.

What are Trial Bosses?

Final Fantasy XIV is known for a lot of things. It has compelling storylines, great characters, epic battles, and breathtaking visuals. It is one of the best examples of a theme-park MMORPG. Another thing that FFXIV is famous for is its dungeons and raids. Players can engage in these group activities wherein they enter hostile territories in order to defeat certain mobs and bosses. Players are awarded great loot and FFXIV Gil for finishing these raids.

For Endwalker, Square Enix introduced three new raids that people can partake in. These raids are the Dark Inside, the Mothercrystal, and the Final Day. These trials are the culmination of the FFXIV story of how the Warrior of Light prepares to fight off the apocalyptic event known as the Final Days. Players will face various enemies in each run with each boss having different skills. The first boss that raiders will face is Zodiark from the Dark Inside Trial. Before players face this guy, they should make sure they know the ins and outs of these runs in order to maximize their chances of success.

Zodiark from the Dark Inside

The boss for the Dark Inside Trial is the original Primal and Ascian’s god, Zodiark. This trial is considered the first event in the Final Days chronological story. Though it is the earliest raid that players will face, the challenge is still considerably hard as it has two phases. In order to defeat this trial boss, players will have to learn his skills and combinations, so they can make the proper preparations. Here is the list of Zodiark’s skills and the order in which they are used:

  1. Kokytos – an AOE skill that reduces the health of all members of the party to a single health point. Since this move is unavoidable, having a healer in the party is a must in order to recover everyone’s health.
  2. Exoterikos – creates a triangular or square portal that will fire off an attack. If the portal is a triangle, a giant cone attack will be fired on the area. If it is square, half of the arena will be hit by an attack. Players will have to pay attention to the shape of the portal as this will dictate how they should respond. If it is a triangle, players should move to the outer edges of the area. If it is square, raiders should move to the opposite side of the arena.
  3. Ania – a tank buster skill. After Exoterikos is cast, this spell will target the member with the highest enmity. Healers should make sure that they can heal the targeted member right away to avoid any fatalities.
  4. Paradeigma – a summoning skill that will summon either two snakes with frontal attacks or two behemoths that will have double area attacks. For this spell, challengers will simply have to avoid the attacks.
  5. Phlegeton – a multitarget attack. The attacks of this spell will appear as circles under the players. Raiders will have to be constantly on the move to avoid getting hit by this skill.
  6. Styx – a strong sequence of attack. The party should work as a team for this spell and share the damage across all members. All members of the party should stack or stand close together in one area so that the damage of the skill will be split among them instead of killing the target member.

After these spells have been used once, Zodiark will begin casting them in random orders. Once the trial boss enters Phase 2, Zodiark will cast more unique spells to defeat the raiders. Here are the spells:

  1. Paradeigma + Astral Flow – Astral flow is a spell that moves the arena in the direction the arrows point towards. The move animation occurs right before Paradeigma lands. Players cannot move during the animation, so they will have to position themselves in the right area before Astral Flow is cast to avoid taking damage.
  2. Phlegeton + Adikia – While Zodiark is casting Phlegeton, he will also cast Adikia which is a physical attack. To avoid being damaged by this skill, players will either stay in the area under the boss’ chin or move to either opposite end of the arena.
  3. Triple Esoteric Ray – a triple frontal attack that summons three glowing orbs. These orbs will fire beams at players. The order of firing depends on the order of the orbs’ appearance. Raiders will have to do their best to avoid these attacks.
  4. Algedon – a diagonal attack that knocks players backward. The skill covers most of the arena, so raiders will have to move to the opposite corner from Zodiark to avoid it.
  5. Astral Eclipse – a spell Zodiark casts while flying. The boss summons stars that fall onto the arena. Players can avoid falling stars by observing the constellations in the sky that will indicate where the stars will hit.
  6. Trimorphos Exoterikos – Zodiark casts three Exoterikos symbols. Players will have to remember the order in which the symbols are cast to know which ones they should escape first. Though the symbols are very much the same, the raiders can differentiate them by looking at their varying shades of purple.

After Zodiark has cast all these spells, he will combine them with the skills from the First Phase and will just repeat them until the end of the fight. Players who finish the Dark Inside trial can unlock the extreme mode of the trial.

Those who wish to challenge the Dark Inside boss must remember that they should have a tank and a healer in their party if they want to succeed. If they want to earn FFXIV Gil from defeating the trial boss, they should complete the trial and unlock the extreme mode. Extreme Zodiark provides various accessories that players can loot. The boss also drops an Astral Token which gamers can trade for more accessories. There is also a chance for Zodiark to drop a flute that summons the Lynx of Eternal Darkness mount, an Endcaller Orchestrion Roll, and crafting materials for the Chocobo barding. Don’t miss the chance to collect all these cool items and challenge the Dark Inside Trial boss with a party!

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