You must enable system protection on this drive error

system protection on this drive error
Written by Sandip Lokhande

We all have experienced our PCs crashing at some point, it happens unexpectedly, and boom! All your data is up in the air. Since you can’t fix PC crashing permanently, you can at least enable system protection on this drive error. Well, what happens now when your backup is also out of reach? You better write a letter to Microsoft!

What is an enable system protection error?

When your stops booting for some unexpected reason, the next best solution is to restore Windows to a previous state. For that, the system restores task has to be initiated. Now, at the time of selecting the last restore point available, it throws an error stating You must enable system protection on this drive. Don’t worry, if you are in that situation, we are here for the fix.

How to fix system protection error

1. Enable system protection from the command prompt

  • If your PC is accessible by any means, then launch the command prompt by clicking on the start menu and type CMD
  • If not accessible, then you may be getting a blue startup window while booting. In that, click on troubleshoot, go to advanced options, click on command prompt.
  • Enter the following command net start vss and press enter
  • Then type the following command exe /offline:C:windows=active and press enter
  • Restart your computer

2. Rename registry files

  • Open a command prompt as mentioned above
  • Type cd %systemroot%system32config in window and press Enter
  • Then type ren SYSTEM system.001 commands, and press the Enter
  • Then type ren SOFTWARE software.001 in the Command Prompt, and press the Enter
  • Restart your system

3. Check if the system protection setting is turned on

  • Launch a command prompt by clicking on the start menu and type CMD
  • Type CPL and press Enter
  • A window will appear, on the system protection tab, click on your primary drive and click configure
  • Click the Turn on system protection option if that setting isn’t selected.
  • Click on OK and restart your system

4. Restart system protection service

  • Open command prompt
  • Enter net stop vss in the window, and press enter.
  • Then type net start vss and press Enter to restart the service

We hope the solutions mentioned above would have helped you in restoring your PC. It is also advisable to backup your important data either on Cloud or external hard drive for better safety. Comment below which method has worked best for yours.

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