Essential Tech Solutions for London Startups

Essential Tech Solutions for London Startups

There are a great many small businesses and start-ups based in London. If you are one of them, then it’s important to think about the future of the company; and part of that involves equipping yourself with technology that will help you grow. Some companies may feel reluctant to invest in tech solutions, for fear of negating any growth they might get. However, the solutions we’re about to discuss are not only cost-effective, but in terms of the benefit they will have to a business, the value for money is very high.


Unified Communications

Having instant messaging, internal calls, and multimedia sessions – e.g. video calls and meetings, webinars, or live events – makes internal collaboration in the workplace so much easier. You’ll definitely want all of this if you have remote colleagues. Using platforms such as Teams or Slack is ideal for this, as they are built for professional use. Anyone can technically create a free account for these platforms; but it is recommended that you pay for a license for business use- that way you can onboard users, and configure it primarily for internal use, for added security.

Internet Telephones

As the first point of external contact for your business, telephone system adds a layer of professionalism. If you are in an area with high speed internet, and you have good bandwidth, then an Internet Telephone system (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, “VoIP”) is the most cost effective and useful solution. These systems are usually cloud-based, and the phone numbers you get with it are virtual, which means that the system is completely portable – you can turn any device into an internet telephone and use it anywhere. Note that internet phone systems require the right type of ethernet cables, and a specialised router – but other than that it is easy to setup. Working with a managed IT services London provider, you should be able to have this service set up for you by them.

Cloud Computing

As your business grows, there will be a lot of business processes that you would benefit from automating; your security will have to keep up with the increase in activity; as your workforce grows, so will your storage requirements – you may even need to enable remote access if your workforce is party remote – not to mention the labour of setting up accounts and profiles, and provisioning applications to all users.

All of these demands, and more, can be met using cloud computing. For example, automating business process traditionally involves using virtual machines, or servers, which would traditionally be ran on machines in the office. Nowadays, virtual machines can be stored in the cloud, as can servers. This is much more flexible, and cost effective, as you can get subscriptions to cloud environments at a fraction of the cost of a physical server or machine – it is also easier to scale up your usage – acquiring more virtual machines or servers – when using a cloud environment.

Onboarding users to applications and accounts is much easier with cloud computing. For example, you can use a cloud-based directory service to manage accounts and user profiles centrally. Using specialist services – such as Windows Virtual Desktop – you can virtualise all kinds of apps in order to deliver them to end-users without the need for installation.

When your IT infrastructure is cloud-based, it also makes delivering IT support much easier. Let’s say some of your colleagues require IT support East London services, and other employees are based outside of London, or even in a different country.

Arguably, Cloud Computing is the most essential technology for a start-up or small business. It is future proof and will make growing your infrastructure much easier.

Most of these tech solutions can be setup with the assistance of your IT support London provider. If you are a start-up, or a small business, that is expecting growth and need to equip yourself with technology to meet the demands of that growth – these solutions are some of the best first steps to take.

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