Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Instagram Giveaway Ideas are certainly a new buzzword in the town, and they are taking a toll on everybody. These are the simplest way to increase your follower count because Instagram is the most used social media app nowadays.

However, when you are running a contest, there are a set of rules and regulations that must be understood by everyone. The case is similar to the Instagram giveaway contests. The rules for running these contests are mentioned below.

Best Instagram Giveaway Ideas for Your Business

Now, it’s time to disclose some of the top giveaway ideas that can take your business to the heights of glory. If these contests are done in the right way, no power on earth can stop your business from excelling in every field.

But you need to choose the most appropriate giveaway idea to incorporate your business. We will provide you with the top four giveaway ideas to ponder on.

1. Contest of Trivia Questions

This contest contains the process of asking various questions regarding the products and services delivered by your brand. Whoever provided the rightest answers, wins the prize. This is a good way to expose your brand to a large number of people.

This is because those who don’t know anything about your product and services end up looking for answers as well. In this way, they get to know your brand a lot better.

2. Contest of Photo Caption

The Photo caption contest includes the showcase of one’s humor and wit. You will upload an unusual or funny photo and let the people control your comment section by posting their captions. The best caption will win a certain prize according to your likings.

You can select the best caption by yourself or you can engage others to like that caption which, they think, is the best. However, it is better if you choose it yourself.

3. Contest of Scavenger Hunt

In this kind of contest, you need to leave some hints on your feed for your followers to find and whoever reaches the end product first, it will be his or hers. This giveaway can be termed as the most fun contest which helps to engage a large number of people.

4. Contest of Tag a Friend

Tag-a-friend contest is the most common yet the most follower-acquiring contest as compared to all the other contests. You only have to tell your followers to tag a friend or two on your recently uploaded picture to win a certain prize.

When their friends will see your profile, one of them will definitely follow your brand. Thus, when you will open your account again, you will see a distinguished increase in your number of followers.

Advantages of Press Release Agency

Press releases are a kind of pamphlet that holds special information regarding your business. It must be delivered to the areas to which it belongs and this can only happen if you hire a Press Release Agency.

The benefits of this agency are:

  • It contains professional employees that are trained in everything they do.
  • The agency provides a neutral perspective on your objectives and how they can be molded into something better.
  • It is in business for a far longer time than any other agency. In the meantime, it has collected contacts of some powerful journalists that help in the distribution of your press releases.
  • It distributes your press releases in such a way that it attracts various deep-pocketed investors to invest in your business.
  • In the local market, the PR agency increases your foot traffic.


Everybody knows that Instagram is a youth-oriented platform and Instagram Giveaway Ideas can attract most of them. Therefore, you should choose a giveaway idea and start working on it.

As for the PR agency, we will highly recommend that before hiring such agencies, you should do a proper background check to know their competency and experience. Because most agencies don’t always do what they say.

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