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6 Technique to Fix [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08]


The [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] problem in Outlook is one of the most common. Did you know that the problem codes that occur in Outlook can be simply fixed? Yes, this post will provide six simple methods for consumers to eliminate the most aggravating issue.

6 Techniques to Fix [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08]

This problem could exist for a variety of causes. There are six incredibly reliable and safe solutions to resolve this issue. Before you try any of these options, make sure your internet connection is working properly.

 Technique 1: Deactivate the Antivirus

Your emails may be blocked by Windows Firewall or other free antivirus apps. They can also prevent Outlook users from sending and receiving emails. As a result, the programme will crash and display the [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] error. As a result, to fix this problem, turn off your antivirus or firewall.

  • Click the Network Switch button in the Network Control Panel.
  • Right-click the network connection you’re using and select Properties from the menu.
  • On the Security tab, disable the firewall.
  • If you fix this problem, Windows Firewall will be enabled and your mailbox will be updated.

 Technique 2: Remove Problematic Emails

In your inbox, malicious emails and attachments might create location issues. So, if there are any questionable emails, deleting them will solve the problem. If you are unable to resolve the problem, consider a different approach.

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Technique 3: Change Email Settings

If the previous method does not resolve the [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] error, you should check your email settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Outlook installation folder.
  • Now open the app, and then go to Account Settings -> Account Settings.
  • In Account Settings, go to Edit.
  • Now go to Advanced, and then choose Shutdown Server (SMTP).
  • Select the following check box to reach the next server before sending the email.
  • Double-check that you can send an email. Continue to the next step if the error persists.

Technique 4: Clear the Outbox

By default, Outlook shuts down the server after one minute. When you try to send another long email, the server’s default time appears in the inbox. The output field is cleared, and the [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] error from the old server loop is fixed.

Follow these steps to modify the server’s time:

  • Click File to start loading.
  • Go to File -> Account Settings-> Account Settings-> Edit-> Other Settings->Advanced
  • In the add-ons area, you can increase the server time.

The majority of transmitting or receiving errors in Outlook may be fixed by adjusting the server time, including the [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] issue. If the error persists, try running the root loop in safe mode. If you’re having trouble opening the MS Email programme, have a look at how users can avoid the Outlook starting failure issue.

Technique 5: Use Outlook in Safe Mode

In safe mode, Outlook performs flawlessly. The next step is to switch your computer’s normal mode to safe mode. Enter Safe Mode after entering the start menu to start it in safe mode. After launching Outlook in safe mode, try sending an email. You may get the bug [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] again if you haven’t solved this mistake yet.

Technique 6: PST File Recover

After using all of the troubleshooting options listed above, you should now attempt to recover your computer’s hidden PST file in order to resolve this vexing problem.

A malicious storage recovery programme can be used to recover a corrupted PST file.

However, the mailbox recovery programme alters the data by directly running the original PST file, and you can manually scan the PST file with ScanPST.XE. Restart your computer after you’ve repaired this file and try to retrieve your emails. If your email manager continues to block your emails, simply uninstall the current version from your laptop or desktop. Then, using the main website, reinstall Microsoft Office Outlook on your PC.

The [pii_email_12e95e5cac8028acce08] error code will go away on its own once you fix the PST file, and you will have a bug-free experience.

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