3 Methods To Fix Valorant Error Code 57

Valorant is the first-ever 5V5 FPS game developed by Riot – the creators of one of the most popular video games of all time: League Of Legends. It is a tactical shooter that rivals Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering exciting, fast-paced gameplay that requires players to master the use of superpowers and guns. With its unique playstyle, Valorant provides an interesting take on the conventional FPS game.

However, for a relatively new MMORPG on PC, it is susceptible to error codes that many players encounter during gameplay. The Valorant Error Code 57 is one such code that has been troubling Valorant gamers for quite a while now. If you have encountered this error and couldn’t seem to fix it, we’ll help you understand what it actually means and how you can resolve it.

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What is Valorant Error Code 57?

Whenever Error code 57 pops up, it will always present the error message “PlayerAffinityInitFailure”. This error shows up on the screen when players try to launch the Riot client. While there isn’t any permanent fix as of yet, there are a few well-known easy fixes that may just be worth a shot to overcome the error.

Method #1 – Restart the Riot Client

Restarting the Riot Client will enable the Vanguard software to get a second chance to boot up correctly, quickly fixing the error.

Method #2 – Reboot System

Another way to deal with the error is to reboot the system after closing Riot’s Vanguard software.

Method #3 – Uninstall the Riot Vanguard

If methods 1 and 2 don’t work, you might have to take the inconvenient route that requires you to uninstall the Riot Vanguard software. To do so, you must go to the “Add or Remove Programs” section in the “System Settings”. Then, reinstall the Valorant Client and restart the system to complete the process. Finally, you can relaunch the Valorant Client and proceed with logging back in.

If the above fixes fail, you will need to wait for the game devs to fix the error in the next patch.  Another solution is to contact Valorant Support or raise the issue to the Valorant subreddit, so it can get enough attention for the game devs to fix the issue and push an update.

While we’re waiting for the game devs to bless us with a fix, make your PC gaming more exciting by investing in these computing products!