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The use of custom social media fonts can help you enhance your social media marketing strategies. Custom fonts increase the visual appeal and impact of social media posts when used correctly. Using this feature will help you attract more attention to your client’s social media accounts. Social media networks do not offer native features that allow users to choose different fonts when posting.

With its basic formatting options when posting articles, LinkedIn is almost an exception. You can also use different fonts and special characters with the IG tools and built-in features, but these are mostly for Instagram Stories. Regular posts that appear in users’ feeds are stuck with the default sans-serif font. That is unless you read this guide first.

Font Generator

The input text is converted into more than 80 styles within seconds using the font generator tool. It is a dynamic tool that is easy to use. Often, online websites and social networks don’t allow you to use any extra styling, so you can generate your own fonts and bios with ease using FossBytes’ font generator.

How to Generate fancy and cool fonts?

Social media-fonts can be used in a number of ways. The first is to copy-paste the content of your client’s social media accounts through a third-party tool. The process is long and boring, but it works. Because you handle multiple client accounts and publish a lot of social media posts, it’s not ideal for marketing agencies. The second method is to use a social media management system to create your posts. In a manual way, you can get creative with typography in your client’s social media content. (More on that later.) Here’s the manual method:

  • First, create the copy before choosing a decorative font or anything eye-catching. You can visualize which parts or words should be highlighted by drafting the body text for your post. You can use your favorite spreadsheet or notetaking app for this step.
  • Once the content is ready, use the tool you want to use to create custom social media fonts. Copy & Paste Fonts by FossBytes is a popular choice. You must copy and paste the text into the “Text appears here” field if you wish to modify it.
  • Let’s say you just want to change the font of “10 marketing hacks.” Highlight that phrase, copy it, and paste it into FossBytes’ tool. FossBytes will automatically generate copies of your text after you paste it but in a different font family. Don’t copy-paste everything unless you want the tool to use a different font family for the entire post.
  • Using tools like Copy & Paste Fonts, you can choose from a wide variety of fonts for social media posts. Serif fonts, open sans fonts, script fonts, and fonts infused with symbols and emojis are among the options you’ll find. Those “extra” font options are mostly unreadable, so they are practically unusable in social media marketing campaigns since they can confuse or frustrate users.
  • Your draft will now be updated with the modified text. You can then preview what it will look like and make any needed changes.

If you wish to customize other parts of your post, repeat steps 2 and 3 for each bit of text you wish to change. You should be able to do this for quick posts with only a few paragraphs. If you consider revisions, it is too time-consuming to create elaborate captions or descriptions.

Tips while using Font Generators:

You can help your client’s brand stand out in the competition by using a custom social media font. However, implementing custom fonts successfully requires a few best practices.

  • You should never choose over-the-top fonts that are barely legible, unlike readable fonts such as Helvetica, Playfair Display, and Google Sans. It is important to use a different font for social media so that the user experience is enhanced, not diminished.
  • Surveys and Instagram Story questions are great ways to ask your client’s audience whether they like custom fonts or not.
  • Make your client’s brand more recognizable to their target audience by using fonts similar to those they use on their website.
  • Make sure your clients’ font choices and brand language are consistent across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use reusable templates that direct your clients’ font selections and brand language.
  • If you need other fonts, consider hiring a designer. If you’re looking for typography for graphic design posts, use modern design apps such as Canva.

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