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How Easily You Can Export PNG as PDF?

Export PNG as PDF

When you are sending images to your friends through email, you often feel difficult to send PNG images directly to them. The PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file format typically is too large because of its high-quality resolution. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to upload or download files if there are multiple photos to share on different platforms. However, PDF is a universal file format that is designed to transfer images without any issue. Converting PNG images to PDF document make your images. Converting PNG to PDF can make your photos reveal entirely in smaller file sizes and make it more comfortable for your friends to print the images. In this article, you will learn how can export PNG as PDF with the assistance of a free PNG as PDF converter.


This online platform make conversions in the following file formats: .png, .jpeg, .tif, .svg, .bmp, .img, .raw, .heic, and .webp. It doesn’t matter what type of image file you require to transform, you can discover the solution with this free online application. iLovePDF’s PNG to PDF converter is an excellent origin that allows to export of PNG as PDF format. The great thing about this online converter is that you can upload and transform multiple images at the same time. If you are a free user, you can transform up to 20 images at a time with a file size limit of 40MB. All the servers of this application are secured under European legislation which is the most restrictive in the world.

How to convert PNG to PDF online with iLovePDF?

Step #1:

Simply click on the button to upload your PNG image. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop it in the window.

Step #2:

Then you can set the page orientation to landscape or portrait if you need.

Step #3:

Select your selected page size. You can select between A4, US Letter, or Fit to create the page the same size as the original image.

Step #4:

You can also add a big or small margin to your page if you want. Otherwise, click

Step #5:

Select the button, Convert to PDF instantly

PDF Candy:

This online web-based application offers a free PNG to PDF converter that turns PNG into PDF file format. Now you can export PNG as PDF anytime using an incredibly intuitive interface. Remember that this tool is free of cost and also watermark-free. The first priority of this online tool is to secure your files therefore your files are never shared with a third party. This online PNG to PDF converter doesn’t demand installing any additional software or apps. Just save time and space by drag-and-drop PNG images into the browser.

How to convert PNG files to PDF online with PDF Candy?

Step #1:

Upload images from your device and cloud storage.

Step #2:

Simply click the “Convert file” button

Step #3:

After that, hit the “Download” button and save your files to your storage device.


Although the user interface of this online PNG to PDF converter is entirely used to export PNG as PDF format without any restriction. You have to just upload the PNG file that you want to convert, and let it do the conversions quickly. Your files are saved with this online converter as your uploaded and converted files are deleted from the server automatically. You can use this web-based application freely and there is no registration to proceed with conversions from PNG images to PDF file formats.

How to convert PNG to PDF online with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

Drag and drop or upload the PNG image that you desire to transform into a PDF file format.

Step #2:

Click on the “Convert” button and wait for a second to carry out the converted PDFs

Step #3:

Now your files are ready,  simply click on the “Download” button and save your files to storage devices.