How modern technology affects the development of online gambling

How modern technology affects the development of online gambling

Technological advancements such as the airplane, air conditioner, and printing press have continuously changed how we live. Today, technology affects almost all, if not all, facets of human existence and this includes online gambling.

As the internet was being launched over two decades ago, the casino industry went through one of its greatest changes ever. It is because of the emergence of online gambling that you can now play in Canadian online casino real money on your smartphone.

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In this article, we will be looking at the various ways that modern technology has affected online gambling over the years.

The Rise of the Internet

Though online casinos, such as have been around for over twenty years, people have been gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos for much longer. However, there’s no denying the fact that online casinos have transformed the industry more than anything. Thanks to online gambling, people no longer have to visit physical casinos to enjoy casino games. What’s more, the internet hasn’t stopped improving as we have gone from 1G to 5G. As the internet continues to grow, more opportunities are unlocked for both casino operators and players.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are always essential in all matters that involve money. Decades ago, security was a big issue for gamblers playing in physical casinos as they had to travel with lots of cash. As expected, fraud was also very rampant. The advent of online gambling has eliminated this problem.

As an online gambler, you don’t have to bother about moving cash around as all transactions are processed online. In very simple and secure steps, you will be able to withdraw or deposit cash in an online casino within minutes. Additionally, online casinos operate with licenses from highly reputable gaming authorities. The developers of casino games also test their games for fairness and utilize Random Number Generator (RNG).

High-Quality Games

Another way by which technology has aided the growth of online gambling is that online casinos are filled with a wide variety of games. Technological advancements continuously allow casino software developers to fresher and more interesting casino games. The quality of the games continues to get better too. Some casino developers even released new titles. So, there will always be new casino games for you to try. We will also like to note that the developers are always revamping their old games to improve their quality.

Mobile Gaming

There have been a lot of things for gamblers to enjoy since the introduction of online gaming. But while they no longer had to make long journeys down to casinos, gambling still wasn’t very convenient. This is because gamers still had to sit in front of their desktop computers and PCs to play their favorite casino games. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with mobile gaming. Gambling on mobile will allow you to play casino games by either installing an app or visiting a website. As a result, you can gamble on the go. Your location or time will never stop you from gambling again.

Wider Audience

Before the turn of the year, the casino industry had several limitations. But perhaps, a major issue was that only a limited number of people had access to casinos. There was also a limited number of operators. One of the best ways that online gambling has changed is that it has opened up the industry to a wider audience. With technology, people from different locations can play the best casino games with real money as long as they have a good internet connection. Additionally, more investors can now get into the casino industry. Since most of the business is done virtually, online casinos are much cheaper to run.

Cheaper Gambling

The gambling world used to be a luxurious space that was reserved for the wealthy. So, it was difficult for people without lots of money to get a taste of quality gaming action. Fortunately, things are different in online casinos and this is another major reason for their popularity. Online casinos are designed in a way that allows players to place very small bets. You can even stake as little as AU$0.01 in some games. Hence, we can confidently say that the casino gaming world is no longer just for the rich.


For many years, casino operators found it very difficult to market their business to their customers. This was due to the several restrictions that have been placed on gambling activities in various places around the world. But thanks to technology, this issue is now a thing of the past. Today, there are various mediums through which operators of online casinos can get in touch with their customers to market their services. This has greatly improved the popularity of online gambling.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the newest technologies to be introduced to the online casino industry. It has been to great use in several ways by the operators. For example, casino operators have been able to significantly improve by making use of chatbots. The accurate automated responses provided by these bots make it easier for players to get help when they need it. Also, the technology is used by the service providers to collect and analyze player data. They then use this information to improve their products and services. Finally, AI technology boosts responsible gaming and assists in the detection of problematic players.

Better Gaming Experience

As the younger generation starts to learn about online gambling, it has become necessary that improvements are made to the service delivery of online casinos. Online casinos haven’t disappointed as we have witnessed the emergence of some state-of-the-art technologies like live dealer games, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Each of these technologies has made casino games more realistic and immersive than ever.


Technology triggered the birth of online gambling several years ago and it has remained a major driven force for its growth ever since. It will be very interesting to see how technology will affect the growth of the industry in the next twenty years.

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