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How much does the Bitmain Antminer D7 make?

Bitmain Antminer D7

The Bitmain Antminer D7 launched in October 2021 with some pretty impressive specs- a maximum hash rate of 1.286Th/s with a power consumption of 3148W. In addition, it uses Bitmain’s mining X11 algorithm, and from the stats alone, the profits don’t look that bad either.

So, what does the Bitmain antminer d7 profitability look like?

To answer that, let’s first identify which crypto the rig is designed to mine.

What coins does the Bitmain Antminer D7 mine?

This rig runs on the X11 algorithm, most popular for mining Dash. In fact, the Antminer D7 is the most powerful and efficient miner using the algorithm. This makes it the best rig in the market for mining Dash.

Currently, one dash is worth around $135. However, the coin has experienced a relatively turbulent year, peaking at $440 on 6th May before falling sharply to over half that price in the following two weeks.

You can also use the D7 to mine Onix, Hatch, Smartcoin, and Pura.

The revenue

ASIC  Miner Value estimates that the Bitmain Antminer D7 will bring $27.48 per day while consuming $9.07 worth of electricity, making a net profit of $18.41. This translates to monthly and annual earnings of $552.43 and $6,629.19.

Using the Crypto Compare calculator, the returns diminish. You mine 0.1861 Dash worth $24.94 every day and keep a $15.87 net profit. This is worth $111.07 every week and $476.01 per month.

After a year, you would have mined 67.93 Dash coins, bringing you a net profit of $5,791.43.

Return on investment

Profits only matter if you get a good return on investment. So, how does the ROI for this Antminer rig look? Not great, to be honest.

The Bitmain Antminer D7 launched at a sweet $1700. So if you got it at launch price, you would get an ROI of 340%. This isn’t a bad ROI, and many miners won’t mind making that amount from Dash. However, the rig sold out during pre-order due to low stock caused by the ongoing chip shortage.

Therefore, the Bitmain Antminer D7 is out of stock in all popular mining stores. And if you know market trends, then you’ve figured out that resellers are making a meal out of it. The crypto-miner is currently retailing at between $10,900 and $14,000 everywhere at vendors like Crypto Supply, AKMiner, CoinMining Central, BT-Miners, AsicMinerMarket, and Mining Store 5111.

Will I still be able to make a profit with the D7?

If you grab the cheapest BT-miner at $10,900, it will take you two years to break even at the current Dash value. But crypto has a way of behaving like crypto, so the value of Dash may double or even triple in the coming months. It may also remain constant or drop by half, so it’s really hard to tell.