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How Technology Can Help Improve Education

Improve Education


We often hear about the negative effects of technology, such as excessive screen time and the impact of social media. However, there are ways in which technology can play a positive role. For instance, it can improve the education system as technological tools can help students grasp concepts more quickly and effectively.

Improve Education

1. Technology Helps Students Learn Better

Technology can be a real motivator behind a student’s learning. The traditional way of learning that included a pen and paper cannot be given up. However, the old methods can use additional support. Students should be encouraged to go through the online material presented on each topic studied in class. There are tons of videos, images, and apps that they can explore to understand the concept better.

For instance, if the biology teacher teaches the structure of the heart. Then, students can see animated videos of how the heart functions rather than relying on their imagination or the 3D structures that are shown in class. Similarly, there are quiz apps that can come in handy for English language classes. Students can play games with their class fellows to improve their vocabulary and spelling. The inclusion of technology can deepen the understanding of students, highlighting the synergistic relationship between technology and language learning. Enhancing language learning with technology is nothing new since our formal education system has used different educational technology tools and multimedia-based learning content for already decades.

Moreover, the teachers can benefit from the extra resources they can now use in their teaching methods. By combining books and theories with animation, they can ensure that students are getting a holistic view of the concepts they are being taught. Furthermore, the claim that “technology improves writing skills” is true. Students can use the following to improve their grammar and writing skills:

  • Games and Apps
  • Audiobooks
  • Grammar correctors
  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Online dictionaries and sentence correctors
  • Transcription software

Another benefit of using technology is “online assignments.” If you have a deadline approaching, just simply type “write an essay for me“. A lot of websites will pop up. You can choose from the top ones and assign them your essay assignment. In this way, you can focus on other important tasks. These writing websites will deliver you the content within the deadline that you have defined.

2. Improved Communication

There is no doubt that technology affects education. It has made communication simpler and easier. It was the efficient technology that got us through the Pandemic. Students can use apps that can help them in communicating with their class fellows or the teacher. Microsoft teams and Zoom were the most popular ones that were used to take online classes.

Moreover, these were even used to conduct quizzes and assignment submissions. Students can use them even after the Covid. These Apps can come in handy during group discussions, projects and homework. The rise of social media has also improved connectivity. You can get news from all over the world. However, you are not limited to just hearing the news; but you can react and engage. For instance, Twitter is a huge platform where popular hashtags receive a lot of attention.

Apart from these, the major benefit for the students is that they can use these mediums to have a strong connection with their teachers. For example, you can share your assignments. If you have missed a class and want a recap because it is a difficult concept, you can schedule a video call with your teacher so that they can go over it with you. Furthermore, if you have done an assignment and feel there is an error, you can send it via email and ask for your teacher’s remarks.

Improve Education

3. Provides Better Opportunities

Technology helps to learn, but it also provides students with better opportunities. For instance, students can put their skills to use by opting for freelancing jobs. This improves the learning as well as the application part. Furthermore, if a student lacks the skill, they can go to those websites that provide courses related to diverse skills that students can learn and then earn a little from it. Here are some of the websites:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Udacity
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • General Assembly
  • Skillshare

4. Effective Assessments

You will have heard that technology helps students. This is accurate. Previously, students had to take the same old paper-pencil tests that took a long time for the teachers to go over and prepare the result. However, now with the rapid increase in technology, multiple mediums can be used. For instance, google forms can be used to take a quick quiz. In addition, there are systems such as LMS that are put to use. Teachers can upload a quiz or even an exam.

Students can access it at the mentioned time. After they are done attempting, they can submit their paper online. If it is an MCQ-based paper, teachers can run the quizzes against the answers they have uploaded into the system. After the checking, the marks get uploaded on the result link. It is not only efficient but very effective. It saves time for both students and teachers. Moreover, the teachers can conduct quizzes even when they don’t take physical classes. So, that’s an added benefit.

Another great use of using technology with the assessments is that teachers can track their students’ progress at any time. They can even keep the parents updated. Previously, they had to prepare a mark sheet for all the students manually. However, now with the advanced learning management systems, they can see all of the assessment results accumulated in one place. So, it is easier to tell which student is doing above average and who needs help. Let’s not forget that it is easier for them to prepare results too!

Improve Education

5. Learning at One’s Own Pace

Teachers should encourage using technology to enhance learning. By having access to this powerful learning tool, students can learn at their own pace. For instance, if you get a topic that you didn’t understand well in class. Then, when you go home, you can search for videos related to it. Then, it is up to you to go over the content and what amount of time you take to perfect that concept.

Previously, even if it was hard to keep up with the teacher, nothing could be done to revise it. However, now you have the opportunity to go over each concept countless times. This applies to more challenging courses like a master’s in engineering degree. In addition, you can even change the mediums. So, if you didn’t get something from the Google search, you can head over to YouTube and watch a video.


Technology is a powerful asset to the modern classroom and educational system. It can improve education in numerous ways. From online resources to personalized learning materials, it can absolutely transform learning. Technology is here to stay, so it is important to embrace it and make learning more effective and efficient.