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How to Become a Gaming Streamer

Gaming Streamer

In recent years, the game streaming sector has been steadily growing and amassing viewers daily. More people are beginning to tune in to streaming platforms to get entertained by live broadcasts of the numerous gaming content while some people are curious to know what it is all about.

Game streaming refers to broadcasting of live gameplay footage on streaming sites through the internet to an audience. Streaming sites such as YouTube, Facebook gaming, and Twitch. Millions of viewers tune into these streaming sites to watch their favorite gamers play numerous games on the web while it is being broadcasted live or pre-recorded. Most gamers also interact with their audience, giving live commentaries and engaging in live chats throughout the process in order to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

There are various video gaming niches that streamers will record. One niche is the casino industry, with well-known streamers recording themselves playing online casino games. These streamers will choose a game such as online pokies, visit an online pokies site and then record themselves playing, as well as give tips and advice to players who wish to also play pokies in the future.

As the demand for gaming streamers continues, below we will look at the ways to help become a gaming streamer.

What Makes You a Good Gaming Streamer

Many gamers have been able to amass a large following on streaming platforms such as Twitch, created a dedicated fan base on social media, and even made a living from gaming by monetizing their channel. This is not an easy feat to reach as there are several steps to becoming a good gaming streamer beyond being a good gamer. Let us explore some of those steps:

Identify Your Goals

The first step to becoming a successful gamer is identifying your reasons for wanting to become a streamer in the first place.  Are you passionate about gaming? Are you doing this just for fun and entertainment? Would you like to become a professional gamer? When you understand your goals, you can have realistic expectations and set attainable goals for yourself.

Identify Your Audience

Identifying exactly who your target audience is will help determine the rest of your planning stage. You will need to factor in your audience’s location, interests, preferred content, and time zones. This will help you know the kind of games to stream, when to stream and the kind of contests to create for your audience.

Choose Your Platform

Different platforms appeal to different audiences. This can be due to streaming styles, games streamed on the platform, and the features of the platform. It is important to research different streaming platforms before picking one that best aligns with your preferred content and target audience. Examples of these streaming platforms are Twitch, DLive, and Facebook gaming.

Gaming Streamer

Create a Channel

Now that you have chosen a platform that suits your unique content and audience, you will need to open an account on your chosen platform and set it up.  You can customize your profile to best describe you or your kind of content with an informative bio and channel description and appealing graphics.

Create High-quality Videos & Interact with Your Audience

Viewers gravitate more to a gamer that creates clear and high-resolution videos than to one that creates blurry videos with low-quality cameras. Creating poor-quality videos can affect your brand and make streaming hard and not enjoyable for your audience. A visually appealing video or graphic can enhance a user’s experience.

While creating content that your audience would relate to, it is important for you to interact with your audience during the streaming process by replying to your chats and encouraging your viewers to interact with them. Viewers relate more with streamers which makes them feel included.

Create a Brand and Promote it.

Viewers love streamers that they can relate to and can entertain them. In addition to having good gaming skills, you will need to create a unique personality that aligns with your brand in order to captivate viewers.

This can be being really clever with witty commentaries, being funny and having the ability to keep your audience glued to the screen for a long time. Do not forget to utilize social media in promoting your brand.

You can reach more viewers, and collaborate with top brands and other streamers while building your community. Encourage your viewers to share your content and highlights with the gaming community and this would help you promote your brand with less hassle.

Be Consistent & Explore Opportunities

Building a streaming channel with a dedicated fan base takes time and a lot of effort. You need to post regularly, perfect your crafts and improve your content.

You also need to pay attention to how your viewers react to every piece of content so you can know what works and what to improve on for your viewers. Also, be patient as success might take months or years.

Equipment You Need to Become a Gaming Streamer.

To become a successful gaming streamer you need high-quality equipment such as:

  • A computer that can handle gaming and streaming simultaneously.
  • A high-performing processor for seamless streaming for a long period of time.
  • A graphics card capable of handling graphically intensive games.
  • Storage (RAM) of at least 16g or higher.
  • Streaming software such as OBS or XSplit,
  • A high-quality webcam, and clear mic for quality audio and video output.
  • A strong internet connection.

Getting proper gaming equipment will ensure better streaming, and clearer videos and also allow you to enjoy the gaming and streaming process. The gaming industry is a very competitive industry so in order for you to succeed you will need to be unique and stand out by being passionate about the games you play. Enjoy the process of streaming, interact and create premium content for your audience, and don’t forget to have fun.