How to Convert Any Photo To PDF With Flash Scan app?

How to Convert Any Photo To PDF With Flash Scan app?

We are all suffering from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The school closure, isolation, and work from home conditions present a real hard time to finish office essential duties.  All the working from home employees finds it very challenging to perform tasks that are easily manageable in an office environment. Scanning documents, Convert photo to pdf, and generating new PDFs, are some of them.

But these days we have PDF converter apps that quickly convert any images into PDF files. A comprehensive scanner app offers document scanning, OCR tool, PDF generation, and many other features to increase our productivity.

This article is meant to help all the employees, businessmen, students, and individuals, who are struggling to scan documents and to change file formats.

Flash Scan: An Excellent Scanner App to Convert Photo To PDF

In this article, we will introduce you to the scanner app that is well-known for its multiple functionalities. But before that, let’s understand the reasons for which we need to convert any photo to PDF format.

Why Should We Convert an Image To PDF File Format?

When an image and photo are in JPG format, there are many limitations to it. Here are some of the reasons why we choose PDF file formats.

  • Photo and images are good to use in personal and occasional incidents. But PDFs are professional. When you convert any photo to PDF it carries a more formal way of presentation than the native format.
  • PDFs can be easily classified. Not all images and photos are meant for everyone. If you want to encrypt some of the details of images you can easily do that with PDF format. Many images to PDF converters offer password protection.
  • Saving and sharing a PDF file is way easier than jpg file formats. You can easily share a PDF file with a smart scanner app. Many Image to PDF converters also offers various PDF page-size templates to convert your results accordingly.
  • A PDF file format shares your details as it is. All the graphics, inserted images /graphs, etc stays intact without compromising on their quality.

What Are PDF Converter Apps?

The best scanner often provides PDF conversion also. They act as a physical scanner. It uses your Android device to scan all types of documents. Such apps also offer excellent photo to PDF conversion.

A physical scanner used to be huge and static, so developers came up with the idea of PDF converter apps. Such apps are go-to PDF solutions and users can use them as per their convenience.

Seeing the increasing demand for such images to PDF converter apps, many developers started creating free apps. And today we have tons of PDF creator apps on the Internet. Flash Scan is the best PDF converter app that offers an easy image to PDF conversion.

How to Convert Image To PDF File With Flash Scan?

Do you want to instantly convert the JPG file format to a PDF file? Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform this job smoothly.

  1. Collect the documents/photos that you want to convert into PDF file formats.
  2. Install the FlashScan app and set it up on your Android device.
  3. Take a clear photo of the image with the device camera.
  4. Open the Doc Scan from Flash Scan’s dashboard.
  5. Scan your image and before saving you can easily convert it into PDF format.
  6. You can also use different filters to edit your scanned result.

Flash Scan: The Best Scanner App

Flash Scan is the most professional image to PDF converter tool. Basically, it is a scanner app that offers the below-mentioned features.

  • Flash Scan scans almost everything. You can scan photos, books, bills, etc with this scanner app.
  • It offers a robust OCR for an image to text recognition. Users can save the extracted result as plain text.
  • You can also use OCR for extracted text translation.
  • It offers many useful post-scan editing filters.
  • Batch Scan enables you to scan many images at one tap.
  • It is also an excellent PDF creator and a PDF Viewer that gives password protection, and Anti-counterfeit for PDF files.
  • You can choose Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default-size), A5 page-sizes for your PDF file.
  • Users can scan their signature and place it on any PDF files.


Whenever you want to scan paper, or convert any photo to a PDF file choose Flash Scan. It is reliable and offers professional results. This PDF converter app helps you to generate sharp PDF files with just a single tap. Use this go-to scanning solution to increase your productivity in these pandemic days.

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