How to Find New Crypto Coins to Buy

With over 18,000+ coins trading in today’s crypto market, how do you find your new crypto coin? Every coin shows a promising technical trend which makes picking the right coin difficult.

We’re sure most people wished they had got in on Bitcoin when it was selling for almost close to nothing. What if we told you that you could get an opportunity as lucrative as that today?

You could get the next big Bitcoin before it hits the market. Most people get into crypto deals way before they get to the front page of the news. Would you like to know how to make that happen in your next investment? Read along as we walk you through rewarding options on how to find new crypto coins.

Some New Cryptocurrencies to Get in 2022

Defi Coin (DEFC)

Defi Coin is currently on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with lots of attention from potential buyers. From the 5th of May 2022, DEFC recorded an all-time high of $0.5643 from a consistent upward movement of $0.1.

The purpose of the Defi Coin is to help its predecessor (Defi Swap) reach its decentralized. One of the benefits of DEFC is the static rewards and long-term liquidity. This clause prevents DEFC from crashing as every sale attracts a 10% crypto tax deduction.


Are you ready to get ahead of the new crypto coins coming out? Then watch out for Uniswap in the crypto space. Uniswap provides buyers and sellers uniques ways of exchanging ERC-20 without dealing with intermediaries. It provides leverage over traditional transactions through P2P transactions.

UNI (Uniswap’s native token) continues to grow periodically as traders in cryptos prefer its automatic swap over the centralized alternative

Lucky Block

You should keep an eye on Lucky Block in your quest of finding new crypto coins. The new cryptocurrency promotes fairness and transparency in the gambling world.

With tokens like Lucky Block, virtual points on betting sites such as in reviews might be worth 5x the winnings. LBlock broke the crypto airways in January 2022 after it dropped on Pancake Swap. The demand for LBlock continues to increase daily, with a current trading volume of over $1 million.


People currently buying digital assets have spotted this unique crypto. Grayscale’s recent publication predicts an annual $1 trillion market value of Decentraland in the coming years. The Ethereum blockchain virtual reality platform enables investors to acquire and hold housing investments using MANA. The ERC-20 token allows you to own fractions of real estate developmental projects. Decentraland ranks as the 41st crypto token today.

Where and How to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2022

Data Aggregators

You can acquire crypto investments by following updates of a reputable data aggregator. Crypto aggregators scourge the crypto space for information on potential coins. CoinMarketCap is one of the top aggregators in this space.

These websites provide updates on crypto coins, current prices, and demand trends. Information of this magnitude from CoinMarketCap gives an idea of the emerging crypto coin to get.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Exchange platforms serve as one of the best stops for finding crypto coins. Coinbase, one of the best platforms, lists new crypto coins on its site. Investors still have to make additional research on the cryptocurrencies listed on the website before investing. You can get your crypto through discussions on online forums, but you’d have to investigate further.

Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs

Cryptocurrency developers create coins and offer them for payment in online casinos and other games of chance. After all, it is very popular in this area. In the same way, a $2 minimum deposit casino offers a deposit bonus to its users. Players then raise the bonuses to real money they can withdraw or continue to play with cryptocurrency.

Most top coins, including Altcoins, grew using similar public offering methods in online gambling. Interested buyers get fractions of coins through the ICO. The price of the crypto keeps appreciating as the coin gets more awareness.

Social Media

This is a popular method to identify new coins in their infancy before the public jumps on the news. Every leading cryptocurrency today was at some point trending news, especially on Twitter, with minimal attention.

You should always check the handles of cryptocurrency developers for updates on new coins hitting the news. Turning on your notifications would help you identify a potential digital currency before it goes wild.

Defi Platforms

These platforms operate similarly to conventional finance marketplaces. The only difference in these cases is the smart contracts used in processing crypto transactions. They all have Defi tokens that are functional within the network for processing transactions. You can get the latest cryptocurrencies by investing in Defi tokens.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

NFT marketplaces contain tokenized blockchain assets. They currently make up a major part of the metaverse which facilitates the evaluation of assets in the digital landscape. Companies with valuable tech or art assets can auction them as NFTs. All industries today have a continuous supply of assets flowing through the market.

Researching New Crypto Coins

Your new crypto investment might serve as a method of payment like Bitcoin. Perhaps it may be the next utility token to compete with Ether. Your investment only sets you for life when you research and get in early enough.

Understanding the liquidity and value of new coins could set you apart from the majority making similar research. These factors help you work with more numbers than mere assumptions and speculations.


You now know some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. These coins have the potential of helping to get an equivalent of 100x your investment in returns. The most exciting news about investing in crypto is the ridiculously low amount needed to get in. It wouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars to get a piece of a potentially profitable investment.

We’ve listed a few platforms and websites to help you purchase your new coins. Learn to use more than one method when sourcing for the next big crypto investment. Your chances of getting in on a lucrative deal depend on how much data you can gather. Most existing offers begin with zero attention until the demand for the coins begins to rise daily.