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How to Generate a Buzz Around Your New Product, Platform, or Service

How to Generate a Buzz

Planning the launch of anything new can be a daunting task for a business, large or small. You can do all of the research that you like, and be almost certain that the market needs this new product or service, but even the best new releases don’t always connect to the consumer base right away.

Luckily, there are some novel but proven methods that can help your new launch to stand out and generate interest early on. Some may need to be run for a while to help reach a wide audience, while others can work better as quick punches that generate a lot of buzz for the suddenness of the approach.
So, here are some ways that you can build up the hype and customer count for your new launch.

Focus all efforts on the niche

How to Generate a Buzz

Your product will naturally stand out from its competitors if it addresses a different niche or, at the very least, if you divert customers’ attention to its specific angle to this niche. You use this kind of niche amplification approach in several ways.

The Wired article on new product releases, which draws from marketing expert Al Ries, cites three key ways to come into a product launch. The first is to start with a small and defined user base, as Facebook did as a platform for Harvard students. Next, don’t try to be better; rather, different in some way. Monster achieved this by releasing in much larger cans than the standardized products of Red Bull, the market leader.

Accessibility is key to growing an audience

With the rise of the internet as the platform for sharing information, using services, and buying products, not only is competition greater than ever, but people are also more accustomed to getting stuff for free. You rarely have to look far to find a free form of entertainment, and even the premium services offer ways to enter for free – be it with a free version or a free trial.

It isn’t always easy to give to this, but almost any business can offer some way to get people involved for free. Doing so greatly increases accessibility, interest, and the number of people who can be converted into paying customers. Perhaps the prime example of this can be seen with the Vegas casino online bonus codes. This form of entertainment is only functional as a pay-per-play system. Still, a no-deposit bonus allows for completely free play, which enables new customers a chance to try before they buy.

Become more alluring with mystery

How to Generate a Buzz

Much of marketing these days is about hitting onlookers with clear-cut demonstrations, images, or descriptions of key selling points for a product, brand, or service. It’s how you get your name out there in the clearest possible way. However, there’s something to be said for the allure of mystery and how changing up the usual marketing approach to be more covert can be more attention-grabbing.

One of the most famous examples of this was when the original Ghostbusters created buzz well in advance of its release. Rather than have posters featuring the star-studded cast or running explanatory movie trailers, initially, they just posted the “No Ghosts” logo around. Later, toll-free phone numbers were put out in trailers which people would call to hear a recorded message from the actors. Nowadays, social media can greatly help such an approach go viral.

Emphasizing a niche, adding a bit of mystery, and increasing accessibility through free trials and the like are all approaches that can help a new launch stand out.