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How To Get into An Ivy League with A Good Essay

Ivy League

Millions of students dream of getting admitted into elite institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale. But it’s not easy as the level of competition increases every passing year. With the level of competition stiffens the level of acceptance of these colleges.

The acceptance rate of Harvard was around 4.59%, which is the lowest in recent years. The same goes for Stanford, where the acceptance rate was around 4.3%. Therefore it really takes a lot of work to get an entry there. But if you succeed in entering one of these institutions, you have a high chance of a bright career. Their degrees from these institutions are highly valued in professional spaces.

Are you, too, aiming to get into these prestigious institutions?

Then, in this case, you have to write an impeccable admission essay or, say IVY league essay. The article discusses how to get into an IVY league by writing a good essay.

Tips to pierce through the IVY Wall

There is no shortcut to it; you must write a high-quality essay to impress the admission committee. To attain this, you have to practice beforehand.

The first thing that you must focus on is the essay prompt. It contains the objective and directions. So you have to read it properly to understand the core requirements. You also have to focus on other ways, which we discuss in the sections.

1. Add A Personal Touch To The Essay

The admission essays must seep deep, and only then could you arrest the readers’ attention. Depth of thought and understanding comes only with a personal touch.

When you describe an incident, you need to go in-depth and try to portray deeper thoughts in your discussion. With the help of it, you can create an insightful description.

For instance, if you are writing an essay about the rise of inflation and its global effects, along with the facts and quantifiable data, you must also write down how events affect you personally. You can find it with the help of a professional quality essay writing service. Visit https://www.ivoryresearch.com/essay-writing-services/ to know more about it.

2. Avoid Writing In A Detached Style.

Some students feel writing with a completely different approach can impress the teachers. This idea of writing something different emerges from the realization that there is high competition and the only way to get a completely different approach to it is to write in a completely detached style.

The idea is not bad, but it is not always effective. If you follow this style, it can completely detach you from the teacher. Remember that your essay is the bridge between you and the admission committee. Therefore, you must focus on the topic and write something extremely simple and relatable. The readers must enjoy it, and this is your first requirement.

3. Give Focus To Intricate Detail.

The success of an essay comes with a depth of expression. The admission essays must focus on intricate detail. It must show that you want to seep deep into the subject to gather knowledge. Therefore what you need is to give adequate focus on your details.

So, when you practice writing these essays, focus on extensive research and analysis. It can help you reach the levels of your essay that you are expecting. Focus on juxtaposing contrasting ideas to create an argumentative approach to writing them.

For instance, you are writing an essay on the economic ravages that the pandemic has hurled on the manufacturing sector. At the same time, giving quantifiable details on it, you also need to mention the steps taken by the government to rejuvenate the ambiance of business.

4. Do Not Try To Be Funny

There are some essays where a humorous touch to it can help the writer express the point. Even the examiner approves of this approach to it. But not all the time. Try to shun this approach, especially when you are writing down a serious topic. It creates a negative impact on your essay. Therefore always try your best to shun this writing style when working on a serious topic.

The essays are generally argumentative. Therefore you have to focus a lot on the style and approach of it. Therefore it’s better to avoid being experimental with your approach.

Structure Your Essay Well

The structure of the essay is an important aspect. Any college essay must follow its own structure and flow. What you need is to work on it. While reading the essay prompt, you must try to build the structure of the essay.

The best essays separate themselves from the rest by dint of good structuring. It means you must be extremely particular about what elements you like to introduce in your essay. While you are practicing it, try to ensure that you have the resources with you. It can help you prepare the structural outline of the essay.

The easiest approach is to make a rough sketch of the essay where you jot down all the points. This can help you focus on deep research and make your essay analytical. Hence, structuring the piece becomes one of the aspects of writing down a quality essay.

What Else?

Writing without proofreading is null and void. Essays without proofreading are not accepted either in the academic or professional circle. When you finish writing it, try to read it multiple times. When you read them, you will point out the errors easily. It will help you work on them.

Take time while reading the essays. Intermittent rests can help you refresh your mind, which is necessary while writing quality edits. So, try your best to proofread the essay with the best approach. It can help you write down a high-quality essay. You can read it out beside an individual who is highly critical of things. They can help you by providing guidelines and suggestions for improving your essay.

Therefore you have to be focused while practicing the IVY league essay. These essays demand high quality, and therefore you need to show your engagement right from the beginning to get a satisfactory grade.