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How to Get NFTs in Simple Steps

How to Get NFTs

After the massive success of Beeple and Cryptopunks selling their NFTs for millions of dollars, the term NFT gained a new meaning and started carrying visions of making great wealth in the crypto space. Most NFTs are expensive; for most people, it remains a pipedream unless a miracle happens. Fortunately, it’s still possible to obtain free NFTs. If you’re among the people jostling to get a footing in the NFT space, our guide will show you how to join the fray without cutting sweat. Welcome on board.

Are Free NFTs Worth Your Attention?

Whether you’re looking for NFTs as a way to get digital art collections or you want to enter the crypto games arena, there’s never been a better way to join the fray than trying to claim free NFT. Whether you’re talking about giveaways, free mints, or airdrops, NFT project owners mostly use freebies to attract attention or as an incentive to attract new users. For example, for all their worth, most people can never imagine that CryptoPunks were initially released as free NFTs. The famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is also on record for airdropping ApeCoins as a reward to their holders.

Most of the freebies may be worth less at the onset. Nonetheless, if you collected plenty of high-quality projects, you could have your lucky day if one of them blew up and you had a vast reward. While we can’t promise you’ll be as fortunate as the CryptoPunk owner, most projects can grow to a $100-$1000 floor price. The best part of the bargain is that you don’t have to invest your money – apart from gas fees in some cases – to avail of free NFTs.

1.   NFT Giveaways

Many NFT projects regularly hold contests and giveaways where users can claim free NFTs as prizes. Since most of these NFT giveaways are announced on social media platforms, such as Discord, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, which are popular with NFT communities, interested users should follow their pages to stay informed. Once the giveaways are announced, you only need to follow the instructions carefully, and it could be your lucky day.

Additionally, you can join different NFT communities and forums like Discord channels and Reddit groups, where most of these announcements land first. You will most likely be expected to perform some specific tasks before you can participate in most giveaways. These will primarily involve liking a post, re-tweeting, or following a project on social media. Most of the leading NFT marketplaces also hold regular NFT giveaways, which users can participate in by joining their Telegram or Discord groups.

2.   Crypto Referral Programs

You can get free NFTs today through cryptocurrency referral and affiliate programs. Most participating platforms like Chainers.io reward referring users using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or NFTs. NFTs are rewarded to users who share affiliate links or encourage others to sign up for a platform. Users usually are awarded based on the number of their referrals who end up signing up, meaning the higher the balance in your referral account, the greater the reward you will be offered.

A good example is the NBA Top Shots, the blockchain-based platform that supports sports-based NFTs and offers a referral program where users that win NBA Top Shot Moments (TSMs) get rewarded every time they refer a friend to the platform. Owners can use their TSMs to purchase or trade other NFTs on an NFT marketplace. Since different referral programs may vary widely, it’s necessary that you carefully read the terms and conditions associated with varying programs of referral before you participate.

3.   NFT Games

There’s a fun way to claim free NFT: playing NFT games. Users who play these blockchain-based games can get free NFTs when they accumulate points or win battles. Since the games are many and varied, the exact ways of winning in-game items and NFTs may differ, but the concept remains the same.

Some NFT games resemble battleground situations where players compete against other players or battle bots to get crypto or free NFTs. Players can also participate in NFT breeding, making NFT characters every time they use the in-game currencies. Besides fighting games, others are sports-oriented, involve winning football tournaments, and receive crypto and NFT rewards based on their scores. While most of these games are free, you need to carefully read their terms and conditions since some have a little upfront cost, and of course, you need to invest your time.

4.   NFT Airdrops

The most popular method to create NFTs for free is through crypto and NFT airdrops. Airdrops are simply marketing strategies employed by crypto projects to distribute free NFTs or tokens to a select group of users. In most cases, these will be the project’s fans or those who promote the project on different social media sites. To become eligible, one must participate in selected activities, such as joining a project’s Telegram group or resending tweets about a product or service.

If you’re interested in participating in NFT airdrops, you must keep an eye on sites where announcements are made and carefully follow their instructions. For example, some of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces regularly hold airdrops involving users who join their Discord groups or follow their projects on popular social media sites. Take note, however, that while most airdrops are genuine, there are scams that surface occasionally. The best way to avoid airdrop scams is to do plenty of research and be careful only to join airdrops being promoted by respectable NFT projects.

5.   NFT Marketplaces

Last, you can claim free NFT from NFT marketplaces to receive virtual goods, collectibles, or digital art. Users can easily trade, sell or buy NFTs on these marketplaces without spending a dime. Not every marketplace offers free NFTs, and the types of items on offer may vary significantly. Always be on the lookout to discover which marketplaces allow users to create NFTs for free.

The Parting Shot

Building your own NFT collection is now easier than ever, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash. However, all these strategies need your effort and diligence, and you could be smiling at the bank. Only be careful to avoid scams and participate in reputable projects you can trust.