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How to Increase User Engagement with Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Increasing user engagement is one of the most crucial factors in scaling a business. Plus, it’s one of the key analytics to figure out how your audience is reacting to your marketing content. Without working on user engagement, you have very little chance to succeed, even if you are providing the best product or solution in the market.

One way to improve it is by using video. Due to the simple fact that the demand for video is higher than ever, you are at an excellent chance to stand out in the vast competition if you effectively imply clever strategies. Among them is the use of animation in your video content.

In this article, we will be looking at user engagement in its most basic form, while also discussing some tips and tricks you can use to increase it through an animated explainer video.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

What is user engagement?

User engagement simply means whether users find value in your content or not. Although a metric itself, user engagement is dependent on several other metrics, including total clicks, shares, downloads, purchases, signups, etc. Simply put, there’s no concrete and conclusive definition for engagement, and it might mean many different things for different businesses.

In this article, the solid metric that we will be concentrating on for evaluating user engagement is ROI and how you can improve it. Though your business model has a lot to do with this in general, there are still some hopeful tricks that’ll help you up your user engagement, majorly connected to your content.

How is user engagement calculated on different platforms?

As said, different businesses measure engagement from different angles. Thus, the first thing they must decide before making calculations is, what engagement really means to them or what kind of activity on a specific platform will benefit them.

For example, if we take an e-commerce store, the only activity that counts as positive engagement is the one that leads to a purchase. Similarly, If it’s just a media platform, even spending time there is considered a good engagement as most of their revenue is simply generated from the ads.

Almost every business has specialized teams that track positive and negative user engagement. Looking at the factors that cause positive and negative activity, they make plans and try to improve upon weaknesses that make the users leave and strengthen the ones which keep them engaged.

How can you increase user engagement with animation videos?

The use of animation has caught fire in the past decade. Due to its proven effectiveness, every business is using it, and they are happy with the outcome. However, where this prevalent use makes it a potentially good option, it poses another question; how do you stand out if literally, every competitor of yours is using the same thing?

Well, the answer is as straight as you can think! By improving your quality, as well as your overall marketing strategy. That being clear, the following are some of the best things you can do with your animated videos to make them some real engagement boosters:

1.    Make your video professional

Making one good video a year is better than throwing a hundred poorly made videos at your audience for no reason. The thing is, animation or any sort of content you present to the public becomes the face of your brand.

If you don’t put much effort into your animation videos and compromise on your quality, you are simply putting your brand reputation in jeopardy. Like, who would trust the services of a brand to be high quality if it’s too lazy to make even a single good-quality video?

That said, whichever animation video you make, keep one thing in mind! The more effort you put into it, the better the results. One more thing! Never hesitate to put some serious budget into it. One well-made video will go a long way in scaling your brand.

2.    Keep it easy

When a lead watches your animated video, he simply wants to understand what you are offering him, not to check your artistic skills with Adobe. Therefore, a good script and basic animation will suffice.

The simpler your video is to understand, the more your chances of keeping your lead gripped and maybe turning him into a potential customer by the end. Remember, the animation is about breaking complex topics into their easiest form. If your animation video doesn’t achieve that, it is useless, no matter how much time you put into it.

3.    Include your brand identity

When promoting your brand through videos at places other than your own website, it’s essential to stay true to your brand identity. So whenever you make an animation, use color themes that reflect your brand, along with unique, recognizable fonts.

Moreover, give your videos (or brand) some personality that your audience can relate to; convey your message through a relatable, frank tone. It will help them look at your brand through a particular lens, helping them recall and recognize it for a longer time.

So what are you? The quirky, relatable guys who care, or some strictly corporate people who love to use dry, jargon-filled words?

4.    Make tailormade animated videos for each platform

Even with the slightest marketing knowledge, you must know that every platform has a different audience with different preferences and content requirements. What might work on Youtube will not work the same on Facebook, or what might work on Facebook won’t receive the same fantastic response on Instagram.

This means you have to make a different video for each platform, which is tailormade to its needs. A rule of thumb is to make the longest video for Youtube, slightly shorter ones for Facebook, and the shortest ones for Instagram to make the people watch it to the end.


From all the statistical data available on the internet, one thing is obvious, animation videos work like a charm. However, just like anything else, it will require some effort and hard work from your side to work. Marketing is no wonderland, and making a video for just the sake of it is going to be your biggest blunder.

If you want to utilize the potential of animation videos to its maximum, following the points mentioned earlier is inevitable. Though there’s more to the topic, let’s just leave it for another day as they are pretty complex. In the meantime, this is enough to get you started.

I hope this article has been thoroughly helpful in educating you about the concept of user engagement and how you can increase it with the help of animation. See you with another useful article. Good luck!