How to Monitor & Control Snapchat Activity of Kids

How to Monitor & Control Snapchat Activity of Kids

Snapchat spy app is turning out to be a boon for parents. Internet is flooded with social media apps and it is very difficult to rescue from them. Our dependency on the internet is increasing steadily. Connecting with people from any place around the world has become a piece of cake. Usage of social media apps has consistently increased among teenagers too. Applications like Snapchat have gained so much popularity in scanty time. There are chances that children might misuse Snapchat activities. Attributable to this, monitoring Snapchat has become very essential for parents.

Why Snapchat is Loved by Kids?

The increasing use of Snapchat has made it very popular among kids. The foremost reason behind this is a built-in-feature that erases snaps in 10 seconds once they are read by the recipient. This has given rise to a false sense of security. They believe that their Snapchat activities are easy to hide. They find it easy to have their own personnel space.

Why Monitor Snapchat Activity?

Giving space to your child and at the same time monitoring their activities is very necessary. Teenagers are the ones who get influenced and can be manipulated by people easily. At this age, it is very important to keep track of them. Snapchat has given them a chance to easily hide their stuff from others. This is a matter of concern due to the following reasons –

1. Capturing a Screen is Possible

Snapchat doesn’t support saving received messages but other Smartphone operating systems allow capturing the screen. Kids might think that their chat, photos, videos have been deleted but there are chances if somebody wants to misuse them, there are other ways out to capture them.

2. Possibility of Photos being undeleted

Never assumes that something vanished from Snapchat has truly gone. Some utilities can undelete PC files that get into the trash. Android devices make it possible to restore data that seems to be deleted. Kids under the influence might think whatever is send has been deleted, but parents need to keep a check on this.

3. Sexting Worries

Many press reports have revealed that Snapchat has been used for sexting i.e., sending naked or suggestive pictures to someone. Because of screen capture the possibility of this being circulated over the internet increases. Children not having any idea of such consequences may indulge in activities like this.

4. Sharing Personal Information

These days sharing everything on social media has become a trend. Right from what you eat, where have you been to what you wear can be seen on social information? This makes children image-conscious. They create a world that may be far from reality. As they grow this is going to impact their mentality.

5. Addiction

Communication has become so easy and convenient due to these apps. Prolonged use of any app makes it addictive. With time, kids won’t even realize when their habit has become an addiction. This leads to distraction in studies and wastage of time. Parents need to keep children safe on the internet with tracking apps.

How Parents Can Monitor Snapchat?

It’s quite normal to worry about your child’s activities on Snapchat. Few apps help in monitoring Snapchat activities. These simple and effortless methods can prove to be very beneficial. Although these may be complicated as children hardly leave their mobile phones. Here are some of the ways that parents can use to keep an eye on their children’s activities.

A] Hacking Snapchat Account

Hacking an account gives unrestricted access to a kid’s Snapchat account. It will let you know the login details so that you can check their activities. Not only Snapchat other social media accounts can also be hacked. Although it’s not that simple. You need to have a professional for this which can be very costly. Hacking somebody’s account is illegal too. You need to explore ways if you are being tracked or not.

B] Key Logger App

This tool records every entry that has been typed on the target phone. You only need to install the app and set the target phone. Getting login details of Snapchat becomes quite easy with this app. Once you get the details you can keep track of the account.

C] Recovering Deleted Media Files

Monitoring your kid’s conversation is not possible by this but you can restore deleted media files. For this, you have to access your child’s device and search for com. Snapchat. Android is a cache folder. After finding it tap Cache and then received_image_snaps. This will help you keep a check on your child sexting or being approached by a predator.

D] Restoring Snapchat up Files

This one works with iPhone. Here you can restore the backup files and chatting history. In your child’s mobile phone go to settings, scroll down and tap general. Select Reset > Erase all contents and settings and then restart the device. During the setup interface login with your kid’s Apple ID and password. On App and data screen, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup. Now you can easily access Snapchat’s history. This process is possible only when you are aware of your child’s Apple credentials.

E] Parental Monitoring App

If you are looking for an ultimate monitoring solution for your kid’s Snapchat activities, parent control apps are the best. These are very helpful for keeping an eye on their activities without their knowledge about such a thing. There are many apps available with advanced features.

How parental control apps are useful for Snapchat monitoring

Parental control apps are a boon for every parent. It is due to these apps that you can ensure your child’s safety. You never know when a predator can take undue advantage of your child’s innocence. So it becomes very necessary to monitor them at the same time not letting them know about it.

  • Parents can monitor Snapchat private messages.
  • Keylogger feature helps in getting login Id and password.
  • You can remotely capture screenshots which will give you an idea and evidence of what the child is doing.
  • You can retrieve phone notifications that are linked to your child’s account.
  • Monitor unauthorized communication without the device.
  • You can monitor the emails, apps, and location of your child.

Tipsy is one such app that fulfils every parent’s need. It’s well-known software used worldwide. It promises the complete safety of your child along with your peace of mind.

The advanced features of this app make it unique. It has an in-built live panel. You get an instant photo, location, SMS-driven facility along with this. Most of the commonly used communication apps are covered under this. The deleted messages can also be seen using this app. You can secretly monitor your child’s activities using the tipsy app. This app gives all calls on the dashboard with the number and time duration of calls. Messages both send and receive can be read using this app. It provides real-time interactive maps along with a notification about their destination. You can access all images, photos, videos using this app. This app is user-friendly and ensures complete safety.

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