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How to Pick the Best Sports Betting App

Best Sports Betting App

Sports betting is enjoying a popularity surge in the US thanks to state after state changing their gambling laws to allow the practice legally. Signing up for a new customer account is easy once you have read a promising sportsbook review. But you should also think about how good the mobile app is as well.

Free, downloadable betting apps are revolutionizing the industry, as millions of new betting customers demand an easier way to make their selections. But how do you know if an app is any good or not – especially if you are new to sports betting? Here are five things to consider when you are getting ready to choose your betting app.

Can You Download the App?

We thought we would start off with the most obvious question. It is true that there are now over 30 states that allow legal sports betting – but that does mean that there are a fair few that still don’t. There are a number of bills getting ready to be pushed through by state legislators, but you need to check what the deal is in your own location. For example, Kentucky sports betting apps are in preparation and they look set to launch very soon, as the legislation is almost finalized.

Even if online sports betting is legal where you live, you should still check the details. Every state’s laws are slightly different, so make sure that you will definitely be able to bet. Some states don’t allow mobile betting, for example. So don’t get too far into the process without checking that you can actually bet with an app.

Check the Welcome Bonus

Once you have ensured that you are actually allowed to bet legally where you live, you should start the decision process. You should have an excellent range of betting apps available, so now you need to find out which one is perfect for you. Comparing welcome bonuses is a good way to narrow down the options.

Sportsbooks love to offer attractive welcome bonuses to entice potential new customers. You could get free bets, deposit matches, or a whole host of other bonuses just for signing up. Take a look at the existing customer offers too though – they will show you how much your business is appreciated.

Betting Opportunities

There is no point in downloading a sportsbook app that promises a big welcome bonus if there is not that much to bet on. There are some sportsbooks that concentrate on a few sports – or esports – but the majority do offer a wide variety of betting opportunities.

Make sure that you will be able to bet on the sports that you enjoy and know about. If you follow soccer, you need to know that you can place bets on the FIFA World Cup as well as a good range of leagues and tournaments. This is a personal choice and the app needs to work for you.

Best Sports Betting App

Extra Features and Upgrades

At this point, you may find that you still have a lot of mobile apps still in play. It is true that many sportsbooks offer similar markets and odds – and even the welcome bonuses can be a lot alike. So, you need to find the apps with the differentials that make them stand out from the crowd.

Most apps will have a live betting section. But if you can find one that also offers live streaming of sports events, that could be something that makes it worthwhile downloading. Knowing that an app is continually upgraded to offer a better experience is also a big plus.

User Experience

In the end, you want to have the best user experience when it comes to your sportsbook app. This means that you should be able to find your desired bets easily and quickly – and that the entire process causes no problems at all.

You can quite easily move on and download another app, so don’t settle for second best. Make sure you get the best user experience possible.