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How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

When you ask the average person about bingo, they will more often than not describe their knowledge of the 90 Ball Bingo. If you come from the United States, you will probably go for the 75 Ball version. These are the 2 best known versions of the game in the world – play at Onlinebingo.co.

However, if you’re no stranger to online gaming you will probably know that bingo doesn’t stop at the 2 variants. One of the more famous types is 80 Ball Bingo which comes with it’s own rules and perks. Want to know how to play it? Read on and you will find everything you need to know to play 80 Ball Bingo. 

Step one 

When starting a game of 80 Ball Bingo you will receive a strip of 5 cards. Each card is a 4×4 grid with 16 numbers. The following grid shows you how the numbers are distributed across the card. 

Numbers Column
1-20 1st Column
21-40 2nd Column
41-60 3rd Column
61-80 4th Column


All numbers between 1 and 80 will appear across the 5 cards that constitute a strip.


Step two


Before the game starts there will be a winning pattern announced. That could be anything, and we mean anything, depending on the website/bingo hall you’re playing at/in! Some games are played with a pattern of a horizontal or a vertical line, a line across, two or three lines. At times you might even be required to fill in all the corners or a specific shape, for example a square of 4 spaces. There might be additional winning patterns, or just the 1 winning pattern, depending on where you play. 

Step three 

Now you’re all set and ready to play. Keep a good ear out for the numbers being called and make sure you cross off the numbers quickly to avoid a backlog and loss of the game progress. 

How big are the prizes? 

80 Ball Bingo does not have significantly higher prizes than the other versions. Some factors that determine the size of the jackpot are: 

  • Price of tickets – the higher the price, the more money goes towards the prize
  • Number of players – the more players paid in and ready to play, the more money in the game 


80 Ball Bingo is considered by some to be the best of both worlds – a mix between 90 Ball and 75 Ball bingo. With a strip of linked tickets you will possibly play a faster, easier to follow game, while the multitude of winning combinations gives the game an element of novelty. 80 Ball Bingo is perhaps the most flexible variant of the game in terms of rules. Make sure to click and explore the different websites and halls out there to find the set of rules that appeals to you the most. Make sure to wager responsibly and keep the game enjoyable!