How to play Google Chrome No Internet Dinosaur Game

How to play Google Chrome No Internet Dinosaur Game

Many people know Google Chrome’s no web dinosaur is just a game built to fun and distract users offline. However, many people still don’t know and only recently discovered the true purpose of the Internet dinosaur. On Twitter, users share their new findings and show they had no idea that when the web is down, it was a game. Find below steps to play No Internet Dinosaur Game.

The dinosaur game is a built-in browser game in the web browser Google Chrome. It’s also known as Chrome Dino, T-Rex game, Steve the jumping dinosaur, or Dino Runner.

Perhaps many people thought the dinosaur was just a fun symbol to keep them company as their Internet connection failed. But someone hit the counter of the room. The dino then began to escape.

This Easter simple egg is a famous game right now. But how about playing it just to kill time on the Web? What about that? What about that? This article will teach you how you can play the game both offline and online.

Google Chrome Dino Run

When you show the dinosaur on the screen and a message that reads “No internet,” you can start the game by pressing the space bar. The game on the “No Internet” page shows a dinosaur jumping from left to right, and the user must click the space bar to keep the spiky factories from leaving. As a result of a Google blog, one of the game’s developers has said it is designed to maximise at about 17 million years, the time that the T-rex dinosaur was alive on Earth, the user is able to keep scammers indefinitely.

Dinosaur Game

History and development

In honour of T. Rex’s lead singer Marc Bolan in the 1970s, the game was named after “Project Bolan” during development. In September 2014 the game was released, but not good on older computers. In December 2014, the game code was revamped and republished. Four years later, the theatre celebrated the 4th anniversary of the film.

For Google Chrome’s tenth birthday, an Easter egg is added: a desert birthday cake will be launched in September 2018. The dinosaur would wear a birthday hat if it was eaten. In November 2018, Google added a computer to save player scores. You will find the Game Code on the website of Chromium.



If a user tries to search offline, he or she is told that they are not connected by a call to the Internet. The “Lonely T-Rex” dinosaur by Sebastien Gabriel is on the left. The game begins when the player taps the dinosaur (on Android or iOS) or presses space,↑ or ↓ (on desktop) to guide a running dinosaur and avoid obstacles such as cacti and pterodactyls. This game ends in honour of Rex’s T-existence before extinction after 17 million years of gameplay.

The game ends when the player collides with a cactus, and the player is given the option to restart it. As you can see, the T-eyes Rex’s bulge.

When the player reaches 700 points, the game switches from black on white (day) to white on black (night) (representing night). The colour scheme will shift back today when you hit a score of 900, and this will happen again at subsequent milestones. Night, for example, is worth 1400 points, while the day is worth 1600 points.

If a computer administrator has disabled the dinosaur game, the player can receive an error message when attempting to play it. The dinosaur game has been turned off by the computer’s administrator, according to the error message, which shows a meteor heading towards the dinosaur.

Play the Chrome dino game offline

If your internet is down, simply open Chrome. If you’re still using Chrome, consider going to a different website. The little dinosaur is standing next to his erroneous post.

Simply press the space bar to get the dinosaur going (or arrow up). By pressing the up button, you can jump over obstacles such as cacti. The longer you hold the up arrow, the higher the dino jumps.

If you want to duck something, click the arrow below.

The longer you play, the faster you’ll be able to move the dinosaur. the faster you progress If you collide with something, the game will end and you will have to start again (your score resets, too). To restart the game, press the space bar.

An additional way to find the game

Since your internet was down, you may have missed the dino error message. Maybe you don’t want to play the game if your wifi is turned off.

Press F12 to disable your connection in Chrome dev tools if you have internet access.

After clicking the “Network” tab at the top towards the right, look for the Online/Offline tab in the second row down.

Dinosaur Game

Select “off-line” from the drop-down menu and click the little arrow down (instead of “Online”, where it should be set if you currently have a connection).

Dinosaur Game

If you try to visit a website after that, the dinosaur will greet you! Exit dev tools and click the room bar, as usual, to start at Dino.

Dinosaur Game

Now you know how to find the game even if you don’t have a dinosaur or a triceratops. Have a great time! Have a blast!

How’s the dinosaur game going to end?

In fact, the game does not end; instead, it restarts from the beginning until the player achieves the highest score (99,999). T-Rex Dino is a never-ending racing game. If you’re wondering if there are any more tiers if there is a final level, or whether there is someone to battle – the answer is no.


When you don’t have Internet access, I think the Dinosaur game is a great way to pass the time. This is a game that the majority of people enjoy. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it as well.

We tried to include everything you need to know about Dinosaur Game in this article. I assume you are fully aware of the situation. Please leave the command in the box below if you still have any doubts.

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