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How to Practice Healthy Digital Habits

Healthy Digital Habits

There’s no denying that technology has a domineering effect on modern life, making it a double-edged sword. Technology allows us to achieve things that we were never able to before, but this also leads to an often unachievable amount of pressure. Similarly, the ease of accessing technology means that it can be incredibly difficult to switch off, impacting our mental wellbeing, as well as our sleep schedule. As a result, we must do what we can to practice healthy digital habits, so that we’re not consumed by the constraints that technology has on modern society. Below are some top tips on how to practice healthy digital habits.

Digitally Donate

One of the positive ways in which we can utilize technology is by donating to charities online. For instance, many Islamic charities allow Muslims to give Zakat online, making it a much more simplistic and convenient process. For those who can afford it, donating to charity allows you to understand the value of money and how such a small amount can change someone’s life for the better. Similarly, donating your money allows you to free yourself from the constraints of greed, which so many people in our modern society are consumed by. Helping others is a truly rewarding experience that can’t be matched in other ways.

Take Regular Mindful Moments

Most people need to use technology to get their job done, making it an almost crucial asset to our existence. Despite this, we still can’t allow ourselves to be totally consumed by technology and must take regular mindful moments. All you have to do is step away from your device for a couple of minutes and pause. This is often believed to be detrimental to our workflow; however, the evidence doesn’t suggest that this is the case. Instead, pausing allows you to regain calmness and clarify your thoughts, which ultimately leads to you becoming more productive. Simply standing up and walking from one side of the room to the other is an effective method of clearing your head.

Single Task

We’re all guilty of sitting in front of our laptops with the TV on in the background and our cell phones to the side of us. Despite this, this isn’t a healthy digital habit, as it leads to us being completely consumed by technology. Similarly, being exposed to various modes of technology at one time leads to us becoming distracted, which doesn’t aid us in our productivity. On top of this, it enables us to become overwhelmed, making task management a lot more difficult and the tasks themselves becoming much more stressful. Quite simply, focusing on one thing at a time allows us to practice healthy digital habits.

Create Boundaries

Smartphones mean that we’re contactable at any given time of the day wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. Although this is great when it comes to emergencies or other important matters, it can also be detrimental to how we separate ourselves from technology.

For instance, for a lot of us our phone will be the first thing that we look at in the morning and the last thing that we look at, at night. This cycle suggests that our waking existence is consumed by our smartphones, which isn’t a healthy manner of leading our lives. Instead, we should restrict our interaction with technology to a set number of hours each day and do our best not to exceed these limits. These hours are best placed in the middle of the day so that our sleep is not heavily impacted by the stimulation that technology causes. You might be surprised by how much your quality of sleep improves upon implementing this.