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How to Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

Avast Application is provided by Avast, another well-known antivirus developer. Avast is without a doubt one of the most important programs accessible. However, some users have reported that the Avast program tends to load upon boot, which can be bothersome. Find below details to Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup.

Although Avast’s software is good for keeping users safe and secure, some users prefer to use a browser window. However, there was one vexing element on the website that generated a slew of issues. Consumers have reported that Avast’s software will open automatically on their machine as it starts up, exacerbating the problem. Furthermore, we should remind you that during this process, we covered strategies for preventing the Avast Application from opening upon restart. It’s also worth noting how to prevent apps from starting up with your Mac.

Why do users prefer to stop Avast software?

Several customers say that Avast launches and activates an Avast Safe Application, which then requests that bookmarks be accessed through its regular tabs without the proper rights. What’s more concerning is that it activates as soon as Windows starts up.

Even Avast’s most ardent supporters have expressed doubts, and many have disabled the software due to the risk of computer infection. In such cases, customers can use different software, such as Kingpin, which does not run by default but does not record user data while also preventing the operating system from launching automatically.

Stop Avast App from Browser Settings

Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

Changing the browser settings to prevent the window from loading appears to be a viable option. Using a web browser, select the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

It will open the new menu button on the web browser. Second, look for the label that says ‘On Launch’ at the bottom of the page. The option ‘Avast App starts automatically whenever a device starts’ is located below.

If another tab opens on its own, this feature may be available. A slider bar appears before everything else. Simply slide this portion to the left to remove it.

Avast -> Settings -> On Startup -> Launch Avast browser automatically when your system starts -> Slide left to disable

All of this would put an end to the worry. Because it works on both Windows and macOS and can be used by several individuals, it is the most effective technique.

Disable Browser Using Task Manager

Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

Another method for efficiently enabling the application is to use the task manager’s settings. All of the startup software can be found there. Holding down Ctrl + Shift + I for a long time will open a task manager. Several areas of the task manager, such as Efficiency and Application History, are visible to users, and then the UI fails to load.

Press the Startup tab to see a list of practically all applications that start when the system boots up. Right-click on the Avast Safe Application link to open it in a new window. Instead, select ‘Disable.’ Uninstall it here to prevent it from starting up at boot. That is to say, the application may only load after you have opened it.

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Avast app Uninstall from the Control Panel

The Control Panel has a database of any programs that are running on that device, and disabling it from here decided to remove it from the system. Most customers are concerned whenever they encounter an unprompted program and disable it. If you want to disable Avast, they can erase it from either the control panel or the start menu. Users can download it afterward if they want it to be used.

Stop Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

  1. To begin, go to the Control Panel.
  2. Then select the option to uninstall the software.
  3. Make sure you’re selecting the Avast app rather than the Avast Virus Protection app.
  4. After tapping on the Avast application, disable it. You will be led to the appropriate measurements.
  5. Select Continue and Delete.

Is it necessary to have Avast reliable software?

Avast Reliable App is a fantastic piece of software. You do not, however, require it. Users can achieve the same results by utilizing any software with a large number of plugins.

Can Consumers Stop Avast Secure Software?

Yes, just like any other program, users can disable Avast Reliable Browser straight from the App settings.


The Avast Safe Software is convenient, but it takes control of the majority of the process and strives to monitor the settings of a computer. It’s possible that this function was accidentally activated if it opens every time you restart your computer. It’s also conceivable that this was updated at the same time as Avast Antivirus. The application can also be set to start on command, but it can also be removed.

To avoid dealing with settings and risking unforeseen damage to your computer, try switching to a personal app like Kingpin. It disables cookies and history and prevents caching from slowing down search results. Furthermore, both Windows and macOS are user-friendly and hence advantageous to a large number of users.