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Huawei new phones

Huawei new phones

Huawei’s new phones in the market:

Huawei phones are one of the demanded phones in the market because of their various colourful designs. These designs come in all features and build with the most attractive mobile models. There are different models but each one of them has its own specifications and features. With their big screens and weight, Huawei has always been mesmerizing for people all around the world.

There are many new Huawei phones in the market because Huawei has been a global source of communication during the past years. Huawei is working with many partners all around the world to amplify more specified features of mobiles. Not just mobile phones but Huawei now sells many wearable accessories for people around the globe.

Huawei nova 9:

Huawei nova 9 is a beautiful mobile model by Huawei with a low price. Its key features are a 50MP ultra vision camera, 66W Huawei supercharges, and a 120HZ original colour curved display. The photos captured by Huawei nova 9 are HD in quality while brightening your days with beautiful clicks. It has a selfie camera with a small battery that can charge the phone in a faster way. But only the standard nova 9 is making its way in the international market but the pro is only available in China right now.

Huawei nova 9 at one glance:

Display: 6.57″ OLED, 120Hz, 1B colours, 1080x2340px resolution, 392ppi.

Body: 175g, Glass front and back, plastic frame.

Battery: Fast charging 66W, 60% in 18 min, and 100% in 18 minutes.

Memory: 128GB and 256GB RAM; UFS.

The model also stands for vlog features as well as a high-quality video making camera. Weight is almost 175g with the rear camera 50PM+8PM+2PM+2PM and with 4k video quality.

Huawei nova 8:

Huawei nova 8 is another phone model by Huawei with a 64 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide Angle camera, 2 MO depth camera. The image captured by Huawei nova 8 is up to 9216×6912 pixels in resolution. When it comes to the video resolution then it is also pretty high ranging from 3840×2160 pixels. The memory of this mobile phone is also noticeable with 8 GB RAM and 12 GB ROM.

The screen size is also pretty high with reasonable weight. The light colour design of the phone makes the phone more beautiful. The phone is certainly with a super camera and supercharge. 90 Hz curved OLED Display. If you are just scrolling through the web or busy in gaming, this will improve your experience.  The camera is inspired by the ring of Saturn and nova 8 is so eye-catching with its beautiful screen.

Huawei nova 8i:

This design is the beauty in your hands with moonlight silver, interstellar blue, and starry black colours. The aesthetic quality of the colour is certainly like holding art in your hand with many admirers. It brings you a super gripping experience as well.

Huawei nova 8i has a 6.67 inches screen size with a rounded corner design. There are almost 16.7 million colours in your hands when you hold it in your hand. The resolution is FHD+ 2376×1080 and the effective pixels are slightly less.

Hold beauty in your hand:

With Huawei nova 9 you can hold perfection in your hands but with Huawei nova 8i you hold beauty in your hands. Each phone has the best resolution, camera quality, battery life, and memory with many other features. These new phones in the market are highly demanded and loved by every customer who holds them. With many other fresh models of cell phones, Huawei phones are the epitome of beauty and aesthetics with quality features.