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Instagram Reels Maker: Tutorials from Vista Create

Instagram Reels Maker

Do you want to raise your level of professionalism in content creation? Be prepared that you might be faced with the daunting task of making your Instagram videos look good. Vista Create’s ready-made templates and Instagram Reels maker provide the perfect design layout for your own images or videos. There are lots of them, and they’re all free to use.

What are Instagram Reels?

Let’s break it down again.

Instagram videos are short videos (up to 15 seconds) posted to your IG account. They can include audio, effects, and other creative elements.

How to Make Reels on Instagram

There are only four steps you need to master:

1. Open a free VistaCreate account.

The best part of the free online VistaCreate account is that every design is saved in your account so you can go back and edit it later.

2. Choose a template.

Browse our library of templates and choose your favorite. Edit a professionally designed template or create one from scratch.

3. Customize your design.

Let your imagination shine through personalization. Swap colors, add objects, and choose a format that fits your vision.

4. Upload your IG video.

It’s time to share your clip with the world! (Or at least with your followers.) Upload or post to Instagram straight from the creator.

With each new video, you will be able to publish content faster and better. It takes practice!

Reels Statistics

You can see the statistics only on the mobile app of Instagram. To do this, your profile must be converted to a professional account.

Go to settings, select “Statistics” and under “Content you’ve published” click on the arrow near Reels to reveal the list.

All published Reels for the selected period (up to one year) will be displayed. You can sort by comments, likes, saves, reach, views, reposts, and actions.

What is an Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

The Reels Play Bonus on Instagram is a payout that creators receive after their videos gain a certain number of views within a specified time frame. According to Instagram, it’s a way for creators to earn money directly through Instagram rather than through a brand sponsorship or affiliate program. Initially, the program was only available by invitation for creators living in the U.S., but Instagram plans to gradually roll it out globally.

Reels Play bonuses are a way for Instagram to encourage users to create more videos, allowing the platform to compete with TikTok. Similarly, YouTube also introduced a $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund to compensate select content creators.

Play bonuses on Instagram are currently only available to select creators from the United States. Instagram can make bonuses available to you based on how your videos or account has performed in the past.

You can monetize your Instagram Reels by either getting brand sponsorship or sharing an affiliate link. Alternatively, you could also be eligible to earn a Play Bonus through your reels.

Once you’ve purchased Reels Play bonuses, you should start activating bonuses and creating highly engaging Reels. With all the tips and creativity, you’ll be able to make it all happen.