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Instant healing transfers

Instant healing transfers

Thanks to WestStein, making international money transfers has become even easier and safer. Weststein is equally convenient for both private use and business.

How to Send International Transfers Safely

In order for you to send international transfers without any problems, you need to open an online account. You can do this in minutes by going through a very simple registration process. To fully use all the features, you also need to pass verification.

You can open an account remotely, all you need is internet access. Thus, you will avoid paperwork and save time. With an account, you will be able to use the IBAN to receive payments.

Without problems, you can make international money transfers to other cards. All financial transactions are completely secure and confidential. Therefore, your finances are completely safe.

You can easily make international money transfers from card to card. At the same time, all clients get the opportunity to manage funds using a convenient client portal or a mobile application with advanced functionality.

Also, all customers have the ability to track the history of transactions. Clients also receive SMS notifications, which increases the level of control.

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You can also fund your Weststein Mastercard online account with a transfer made from an additional card to your main account. Thus, you get a number of additional opportunities for rational financial management.

If you have lost access to the card, you can block the account without any problems using the client portal and application. Thus, you are guaranteed not to lose your finances.

We are sure that with Weststein sending international transfers will become even safer and easier. It is equally useful for both private use and business.

If you have problems sending a transfer, you can contact support. We will provide advice in any language convenient for you: from German to Latvian. You can contact consultants via chat, e-mail or even by phone. So you can make international currency transfers without any risks and without wasting time or money.