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Investments for 2022

Investments for 2022

The pandemic has changed much more than just our habits and the way we live our lives. The economy and investments environment have been affected, and the process is still going on. Nowadays, spending money has a different meaning and, sometimes, we tend to think a little bit more before doing it. Many jobs were not as stable as it was thought, so savings played a fundamental role in different occasions. Investments might come into play for 2022.

Having a good plan in order to handle money in the near or far future can definitely help, especially in times where uncertainty is still on the horizon. Changing our own financial habits needs some preparation, a good planning phase, and maybe the help of an advisor. There is no easy and fast way to do it, but thinking about it upfront can surely help. The new year has come and it’s time to consider and plan your investments. Before jumping right in, let’s check the trends for 2022.

Investing in a portfolio

Among the options available for investors, we sure have to mention the portfolios. They are a collection of assets that might usually include exchange-traded funds, stocks, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, government bonds, corporate bonds. A portfolio can either grow in value or earn a return. It is a passive type of investment. The composition can vary pretty much and it depends on several factors, actually, the most relevant is the risk level you are willing to take.

Based on that, you can create your own composition and select the asset classes. If you think it’s too much work for you there are companies who analyze your situation and create a portfolio that is right for you, such as Moneyfarm portfolios. Basically, you can take advantage of someone else’s expertise for your own investments with the help of professionals who can advise you.

Global Investments

Digitalization and technology have made the whole world a small place, reachable with the click of your mouse. Companies always have plans to expand their business abroad and be part of a global market. Being part of is not easy as it was in the past years. Making big companies part of your portfolio might be a good strategy for the investments of 2022. Nowadays, investors can easily get involved internationally and place their money in assets buying shares, exchange-traded funds, or mutual funds.


Speaking of companies with ambitions, in the current world which has been affected by the pandemic having e-commerce is a must. It is not just a way to keep up with modern markets and selling strategies, but lately, it turned into a way to survive. The transition from traditional retail to online sales speeded up during the last two years and it won’t be stopping soon. Shopping online became even more common. Investing in companies with a strong e-commerce platform or strategy is a good plan to use your money for this year since it won’t just be a seasonal trend.

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Another interesting option for this year is Corporate Fixed Deposits. These are issued by companies – such as housing finance firms, finance companies, or other types of NBFCs – at higher interest compared with term fixed deposit and saving accounts. They are always evaluated and reviewed by experts. Usually, rating agencies are in charge of checking the financial stability and providing the ratings according to their credibility. Investing in Corporate FDs might be profitable since there is no lock-up period, it’s possible to withdraw funds with a minimal penalty. There are different options available for investors when it comes to payment, they can receive their money even on a monthly or quarterly basis.


This market is still very young and volatile. Regulations are still in the making and there is little data for a proper analysis. Even if 2021 was a very successful year for cryptos and for early investors, there was no straight line. This territory needs to be approached very carefully, so it’s advisable, to begin with, a limited amount of money. Although, checking the market, studying, and working with a financial advisor can lead investors to good results. It is definitely a sector to take into consideration when it’s time to approach the investments environment, but better be ready to eventually experience extreme variations.