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Level Up Your Streaming Experience in Australia with these Tips & Tricks

Streaming Experience in Australia

Nothing is more disappointing than turning on the TV and being greeted by the rotating icon and a message stating about poor internet connection to stream. This could be difficult to enjoy your favorite shows due to unlimited pauses, buffering, and reduced video quality.

Apart from low loading, various major streaming services work with strict copyright laws and licensing policies in Australia. Though services like Netflix are available for streaming in different regions of the world, you can also stream Indian Disney+ Hotstar in Australia via VPN services that bypass the restriction, which means you not only have to faster the internet, but a connection to a VPN is also a must to unblock the streaming platforms. Try these simple fixes to enjoy your favorites on different apps for streaming, such as AppleTV, iPad, and even on Xbox.

With the passage of time, the poor streaming quality is rapidly disappearing. New and enhanced streaming technologies and modernized best practices with solutions enable all of this.

1- Choose a streaming platform:

Choosing the best streaming platform is the first step toward improving your streaming experience. How? If you select a service that lacks the shows and movies you’re looking for, your streaming experience will surely be a mess.

So, think before paying for a platform. Disney+ Hotstar, American Netflix library, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, and many other online VODs are expanding their media libraries to fulfill your streaming cravings.

2- Turn On Subtitles:

What if your primary language is not Tamil, Chinese, or Korean? You might not feel comfortable watching movies and documentaries in these voice-overs. On the other hand, you’ll definitely want to watch it in your local language.

Turn on Subtitles and watch your desired shows in English or your primary language, i.e., French or Hindi. This will not only boost your streaming experience but will also give you a better understanding of emotional dialogs and movie scenes.

3- Upgrade Your Internet Speed:

Watching a horror movie on a slow internet speed will surely turn off your streaming mood. Therefore, you must upgrade your internet speed in order to have a good streaming experience.

Turn off your data devices and switch to your WIFI connection. Unfortunately, mobile data are slower than WIFI connections and thus might not provide you with good network speeds for binge-watching.

4- Watch Offline:

Many streaming services, including YouTube TV in Australia, gives you an option to download your watch list to enjoy them offline. Watching shows and movies offline will eliminate the risk of constant buffering and internet speed cracking while streaming.

5- Upgrade Your Streaming Device:

Different streaming platforms show poor compatibility with outdated devices and operating systems. Therefore, you must use an upgraded device version on which you plan to watch online movies and shows.

Android versions 5.0 & above and iOS versions 3 & above are compatible with most of the services and will not give you errors while streaming in Australia.

6- Get yourself a Noise Cancellation headset:

Seriously! If you’re alone on your weekends and want to binge-watch, the quality of your headsets is one of the main things to boost your streaming experience.

Buy a noise-canceling headphone, and you’ll see the difference. We would love to suggest to you some thrilling movies like “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” with good voice quality.

7- Try to Connect Fewer Devices:

Families frequently have five or more devices simultaneously linked to the same WIFI network. The increased amount of devices can slow down your internet speed by sending the same frequency of traffic to all the devices.

Connecting fewer devices can boost your internet speeds, and ultimately you will get a good video streaming experience.

8- Unblock your Favorite Streaming Platforms:

Australia has many original streaming services to broadcast shows on, but some popular services like Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, and many Indian Channels are blocked in Australia.

You must unblock such streaming services with the help of a Virtual Private Network. For example, let’s say you’re craving to binge-watch Marvel series or brand-new episodes of She-Hulk, but sadly, the shows are only available on non-Australian streaming platforms. At this stage, a premium VPN like ExpressVPN will help you do so.

9- Gather your friend:

Yes! One of the major tips to boost your streaming experience in Australia is to gather your friends and watch a trending movie together.

Mark a weekend on your calendar and call your friends at your doorstep, grab lots of popcorn and chocolates, and make the fullest of your time.


Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful and interesting at the same time. Viewers always use their streaming apps to enjoy their favorite content when on the bus, while they are walking, at work, or even while they are traveling to Australia.

We have listed all the possible ways to enhance your streaming experience. Let us include a bonus tip here; Get free trials and enjoy without even paying for several VODs.