Main benefits of PEMF therapy

Main benefits of PEMF therapy

Electromagnetic fields are an invisible source of energy. High energy electromagnetic fields, like in several kilowatts, may not be suitable for health, but PEMF is altogether a different story. It uses low-energy, low-frequency electromagnetic waves that are completely safe for health.

A low level of electric currents and thus electromagnetic field also exists in the human body. This electricity is created by using chemical reactions and electrolytes. These mild currents and electromagnetic waves control the working of the body. However, diseases cause weakening of electric flow in some parts of the body and thus lower production of electromagnetic waves.

PEMF can improve the production of electromagnetic waves by body tissues through oscillation. That is why it is called pulsed, as it sends electromagnetic waves in pulses and not constantly. In this way, it can boost many body functions and have numerous benefits.

PEMF boost natural regenerative processes

Researchers are still unable to understand how it happens, but there is strong evidence that PEMF may boost the healing powers of the body. Using it to fasten bone healing is one of the US FDA-approved benefits of PEMF. There have been many studies, and researchers think it occurs due to increased energy production by cells and increased activity of cells taking part in healing processes. It may also help due to improved circulation.

PEMF helps improve brain function

Some PEMF devices are US FDA-approved for treating depression, confirming that these benefits are pronounced and proven in clinical studies. Moreover, some studies show that PEMF may start working much faster than traditional drug therapy. Some people report benefits within hours of PEMF use.

However, brain health is not just about improving mood. It appears that PEMF may also slow down brain degeneration. Therefore, it is quite possible that regular use of PEMF may reduce the risk of dementia. In addition, some early studies show that PEMF may improve the quality of life in those living with Parkinson’s.

PEMF helps overcome body aches and fatigue

Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia are all common disorders causing fatigue, loss of energy, and body aches. Most of these conditions are quite challenging to manage. In addition, drugs used to treat these conditions are often ineffective and may cause many harms. PEMF may be a safe way to stimulate the brain, overcome irritation of peripheral nerves, and thus help feel energized.

PEMF reduces chronic inflammation

In the last few years, researchers have paid particular attention to the low-grade inflammation in many people, leading to cardiovascular ailments and brain disorders. Often the source of this low-grade inflammation is poorly understood. It could be due to stress or a high level of adipokines in obese adults. PEMF may help normalize the function of various body cells. Thus, it may help overcome this low-grade inflammation. Therefore, it may be used to prevent chronic ailments or as a part of an anti-aging program.

PEMF boosts energy levels and physical performance

One does not have to be living with some chronic disorder to use PEMF. It can be used by absolutely healthy adults, too. Its regular use may help people feel energized, improve physical performance. You can read more about PEMF devices at Healthyline Outlet. PEMF may also help improve brain functions, memory, focus, and motivation. It is often called the way of recharging the body cells, boosting their energy levels. These benefits could be due to increased energy production by mitochondria, electrostimulation of nerves, and improved microcirculation.

To conclude, PEMF has numerous health benefits. It is US FDA approved for managing some disease conditions like boosting bone healing or overcoming depression. However, it also has countless other health benefits. Thus, its regular use may help prevent various ailments.

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